Saturday, December 16, 2017

Play Day with QBees!

Today, the local quilt guild hosted our monthly "Time to Sew Event"!  I always look forward to this opportunity to see everyone and their current projects!
I decided to put aside my 007 projects for the day ... and just dillydally!  Yep, a play day!  I returned to this project ... with my equilateral triangle ruler!  After nearly three hours of effort ... I put it aside ... time to come up with plan C!  I will meet this challenge ... somehow!  I am determined!
I have noticed these Crayola fabric packs online for a while ... and thought they were adorable!  I recently received this one as a gift from a friend ... sew dang fun! 
I followed the instructions on the box and downloaded the free pattern.  I don't often work with solids, so it is a bit outside of my usual quilting zone!
I loved seeing the subtle hue differences in each color group!  The reds were like standing in front of a lipstick counter in a department store!  The greens were like being in the forest just as the leaves are budding!  Love it!
I finished piecing one of the stockings ... it was fun and simple to piece!  A relaxing way to end the afternoon with QBees!

Do what you love!  Play!  Do dillydally! 
Mrs. DillyDally