Monday, October 5, 2015

DillyDally Quilt Update!

Since Nissa arrived ... time to quilt has been limited.  But puppyhood isn't permanent, so before long there will be more time available to sew.
Flicka and I have worked hard to squeeze in time to accomplish a few things!  Before the puppy, she had mostly lost interest in my sewing ... but now that time in the sewing room has become limited, she has resumed her supervisory responsibilities!
We've been working on a flower themed quilt for a very special little girl!  It is a Bonnie Hunter pattern that I love and have made before.
Nothing would be possible with out the support and assistance of my cheerleading squad!  Too fun!  Yep ... in my remote corner of the planet one must learn to entertain themselves! ;-)
Here the blocks are laid out ...labeled ... and ready to be pieced.  Currently it is impossible to lay anything out at home, so these tasks must be done during guild events!
This past weekend our guild held their Fall Retreat and I was finally able to piece the top together!
Every piece of fabric came from my stash!  Many of the prints are leftover from clothes I made Sister during her childhood ... so many wonderful memories!  Even the border holds special memories!  I am so happy with the floral version of this quilt ... and hope that it provides years of snuggles for the sweet little princess that will be receiving it!
In other dillydally quilt news ... ;-) ... I recently received two quilts back from the long-arm quilter!  Love how she makes my ordinary quilts look fantastic!
I look forward to hanging this snowflake themed sampler up during our dark winter months!
When looking through my "stuff" I found this top that I had completely forgotten about!  Yikes!  Now you understand why one of the dillydally rules is ... no guilt! ;-)
Again ... the long-arm quilter took a very mundane snowball quilt and made it wonderful ... she is such a blessing in my life!  I look forward to getting these bound!  Complete finishes are the best!
And ... of course I am still basking in the glow of my Vintage Farm Girl blocks!  They were just so dang much fun!  This little stack of forty-four 6 inch blocks represents sew much ... love my dillydally quilty life!

Do what you love.  Quilt for fun!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Those are some beautiful quilts.
    I especially love the Snowflake quilt, just awesome.
    I'm glad you got your supervisor back. ;)

  2. Always love pics of Flicka. Such a serious supervisor, keeping squares square for you. KC was that kind of quilting cat at my house.