Thursday, October 29, 2015

Celebrating Kitties!

Happy National Cat Day!
Teacup Dainty was the first kitty to adopt our DillyDally family!  She allowed Mr. DD and I assist in raising our children.
She passed away in 2011 and left us with wonderful memories that helped ease the pain of our broken hearts.
Flicka chose us in the spring of 2012 ... after the loss of Teacup, we had been unsupervised for nearly a year ... yep, things were unraveling quickly!
Flicka stepped right in and took charge ... she straightened us out quickly!  The recent arrival of a very silly puppy initially challenged her abilities, but it didn't take her long to have Nissa in line as well!

I am so grateful for the way Teacup and Flicka have enriched our lives!  I cannot imagine life without them!

Do what you love.  Hug your furbabies!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally



  1. Well, how can you sew without a kitty supervisor? :)
    Both kitties look so cute.

  2. Flicks is quite the supervisor!