Friday, December 27, 2013

Dillydally Winds & Snow

December 21st … first day of Christmas vacation for this school teacher … my "To Do" list was a mile long.  I was prepared to have a highly productive day!  The day began as usual … coffee … Flicka on my lap … checking Facebook … then ...
… POW … a direct hit by strong dillydally winds!  I saw this picture and my heart skipped a beat!  When I discovered it came with a free pattern … my heart skipped a second beat!
The printer could not warm up fast enough … I ran went and found some yarn and a crochet hook that I thought might work … and my crochet how-to reference book!  Remember … I am a beginner!
The designer, Janine Holmes, is from England.  Her designs are amazing … really, they are off the charts!  And her instructions are great!  As a beginner I was able to navigate the process with ease, even though it included stitches and techniques new to me!  As I was building this first snow person … I remembered how much my children enjoyed finger puppets … a thought for future reference!
Because I am a hoarder organized, I happened to have buttons that were the appropriate size in my stash!  I was so happy with the results!
My compulsion enthusiasm required me to make another one …
… and a third one!  This one ended up a bit more plump … I was getting more relaxed with the process, so I think my gauge had changed.  I love a plump snowman!  Over three days, I made four of these cute little snow people … one for each member of the DillyDally family!
Flicka had a lot of interest in the construction of the first snow person … I am amazed that she is so well behaved around yarn … she has excellent knitting/crochet manners!  Gosh … hope I haven't just jinxed that!  ;-)  Yep … I just knocked on wood!
Here is a "style show"… first one represents me, Mrs DillyDally in Swedish colors!
Brother DillyDally in his favorite color green!
Mr. DD in Norwegian colors … of course!
And Sister DillyDally in her signature pink!
The DillyDally snow family found their way to the Christmas tree!  I can't begin to tell you how much fun I had making these little snow people … they added a lot of joy to my holiday!  I love when dillydally winds blow me off my "carefully charted" plans!  I have no idea what happened to that "To Do" list … what needed to, got done … obviously the rest was not important!  I need to be reminded of that … especially as a new year begins.

Do what you love.  Let the dillydally winds blow!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. They are precious!!! I guess I am going to learn how to crochet, there are just too many cute ideas out there.

  2. Love these! Glad your dillydally ways took you off the charted path for some fun.

  3. So absolutely cute,love them. Adorable famiy and a great way to start vacation.

  4. So cute! And what a good kitty Flicka is with those appealing little critters..what fun they would be to swat around and/or carry in one's mouth :).

    Did you actually have DK yarn on hand? I never knew there was a "lightweight worsted" weight. Where have I been? Have bales of regular 4-ply worsted, though :).

    1. Flicka is remarkably well behaved around yarn … I am lucky! ;-) I used a worsted weight acrylic yarn and a size D crochet hook as that is what I had on hand. Mine are slightly larger … about 3.5 inches high! What you have on hand should work perfectly! Have fun with them … they are a great way to dillydally!

  5. Thanks for the info. I have plenty of worsted acrylic and a D hook, so I can get going without a trek to find the "right" yarn. Love it!

    Happy New Year!