Thursday, January 2, 2014

Holiday Recap!

This was our second "extremely and completely empty nest" holiday … I so wanted to wallow in self-pity … but that just IS NOT the dillydally way!  So … Mr. DD and I kept some traditions and switched up some others … we allowed ourselves to get distracted and unfocused … and we deliberately did not obligate ourselves in any way!  Yep … it was odd … but good!
Making snowmen.
We went to harvest our annual Christmas tree … it was raining and icy … Mr. DD decided we should buy an artificial tree … only one in town with multi-colored lights … yep, we brought it home.  I nearly fainted … big change!
We kept the tradition of lefse making … we did share with friends … but honestly, we ate most of it!
A walk to capture the sunrise on the delta …
… it was beautiful …
… Kysa enjoyed the sunrise too!
The DillyDally snow family found a home on …
… and Flicka played her version of "Hide n' Sneak" under our artificial Christmas tree!
Just a few neighbors … out for a walk along the road!
An amazing sunset … I felt it captured the spirit of the season for me.  He brought joy to the world … and heaven and nature sang!
Christmas morning … Flicka and her quilt on my lap … a very happy kitty!  ;-)
We spent time with friends Christmas Day in their beautifully decorated home.  It was so nice to spend the day in someone else's home … filled with friends!
My favorite Christmas gifts … both will result in many dillydally adventures!  The best gifts do!
Several walks were taken ...
… with my favorite walking partner.
Flicka and I did a bit of quilting.
And I started a new quilt …
… while at a guild event!  Such fun!
We had a few visitors …
… a couple of juvenile eagles.  This weather of icy rain means they are hungry … Flicka had to stay indoors.
 Since it was so dark and dreary outside …
… and we were both forced to stay indoors ...
  … Flicka and I decided to start a new knitting project!
 It was Sunday … so our local yarn store was closed.  That added to the adventure … I had to dig deep into my yarn stash!  Fun!
So … the project … and the recipient were determined by my stash!  Those circumstances just added to the adventure and fun!
Flicka and I spent the last few days knitting … and watching holiday movies.
We've made good progress …
… I love tweed …
… this tweed comes from Norway and is no longer available.  Yep, this is a nail biter … I should have enough, but it will be close!  Adding to the dillydally adventure!
Mr. and Mrs Claus may be enjoying a vacation … I return to work today … my holiday has ended.  I am pleasantly surprised … even though it was not the holiday I would have preferred … it was relaxing … actually restful …
  … it truly was different, but very, very good!  There you have it … my holiday recap … from my remote corner of the planet!

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year filled with many dillydally adventures!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally   


  1. I enjoyed sharing your dillydally holiday memories and the amazing sunset. We never see much of the sun in cloudy Northeast Ohio, so I love your pictures. Happy back to school! My grandkids still have the rest of the week off for Christmas break.

  2. Love! And could that knitting book be any more perfect for you? Can't wait to see your finished project!