Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Dizzy Dillydally Day!

Flicka is in a serious pout this morning!  She has made a little nest for herself with her favorite quilt and put on her "I am not a happy kitty" face.  She does this when I am too busy to sit and snuggle or play. Life is so difficult when your human parents forget that you are the center of the universe … apparently pouting helps! ;-)

Today is a very busy and dizzy dillydally day … and even though that makes Flicka unhappy, I love it!  First on the agenda is baking a French Toast casserole for guild members.  
Next, I have an important appointment with some super cute polka-dots during our quilt guild's Time to Sew event!  Junior High Volleyball games to attend … and the culmination of our annual High School Basketball Tournament!  All this neatly packed into one day!
 As I'm rushing to prepare for the day … I have promised my sweet and self-absorbed kitty that I will smother her with affection when I return late this evening!  Actually … I'll probably pass out … but I make an excellent kitty cushion!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. Dizzy DillyDally

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