Sunday, December 1, 2013

Busy Weekend!

Thursday …
 … began with fresh snow …
 … big flakes … softly falling … perfect weather!
Then ... 15 minutes later the sky began to clear … what a wonderful way to begin Thanksgiving Day!
Mr. DillyDally and I enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving dinner with this wonderful family!  As "empty nesters", our house can feel especially lonely on holidays … it was so nice to be invited to share the day in someone else's home!  After a huge turkey feast we enjoyed pie.  Five pies … for seven people … what a hoot!   In our remote corner of the planet … friends become family!  Such kindness … we are grateful! 
Friday morning.  Another beautiful morning.  To ensure leftovers … Mr. DD and I prepared turkey dinner here at home.  ;-)  
  Jack Frost has taken up residence … with beautiful results!
 Flicka assisting with a 007 project!  ;-)  
Saturday's sunrise … November is ending beautifully.  This was taken at 9:15 am, nice of Mother Nature to show off while I am home and available to take these photos.  ;-)
 I spent the day at Cordova's Quilters' Hideout helping Sam finish up her Starlight Sampler!  It turned out gorgeous!  She did a great job and finished a 12 month BOM in only 4 months! Terry was unable to meet, so we'll work on her quilts after the holidays!  
And now it is December … busy, crazy and fun!  Yep … Flicka and I need to get busy … we have a lot of 007 work to accomplish!  Looks like she is already making tracks … I best hurry and catch up!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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