Tuesday, August 28, 2012

MIA or AWOL ... Hmmmm?

Yep, I can't decide if I've been MIA (missing in action) or AWOL (absent with out leave) here in blogland?  What I can tell you is that it has been very busy here in dillydallydom!
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I flew home to Alaska from Minneapolis on Saturday, August 18th.
Photo from Google Images
And guess what?  The very next day (Sunday, 8/19) Sister DillyDally also arrived in Cordova!
Sister DillyDally with Peder in Minneapolis
Between my time in Minnesota and her time in Alaska ... I was able to spend over 3 weeks with my daughter!
Brother and Sister DillyDally making pickled salmon!
And ... the bonus was having both of our adult children home at the same time!  Heaven on earth!
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Also ... on top of all that ... school started on Monday (8/20) ... that means that I went back to work!  Yep ... can it get any better or busier!  It was crazy in a very wonderful way!

The week was packed with all the Alaskan lifestyle activities we've always enjoyed.  We picked berries ...
A few remaining Salmon Berries
Nagoon berries
We caught, preserved and ate salmon ...
Brother is the chief fisherman in this family!
A beautiful day on the Eyak River!
Great catch!
Silver salmon fresh from the smoker.
Brother DillyDally has really taken to the task of preserving salmon ... pickling and smoking it ... yep, he is Alaskan through and through.  He has been adventurous with trying different seasonings ... all of them delicious.
Our cabin on the Eyak River
It was wonderful to share this time together as a family ... enjoying the lifestyle we love.

Do what you love.  Go MIA or AWOL.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 


  1. What a fun, special time for all of you.

  2. So glad to see you enjoyed some time with your DillyDally family. they are both lovely. Well, I had better say one is lovely and one is handsome. The cabin is so cute! Is it on wheels?

  3. Wait, I think I need new glasses. Now I can see the little cabin is up on pillar posts.

  4. OH Mrs. Dillydally! I am so glad you had this wonderful time with your children. I know how special those days are. Please tell Brother Dillydally his salmon looks delicious. Noone in Ohio knows how to fix it! I am sure those 3 weeks with Sister Dillydally went by fast and your heart is happy when you think about those days.
    Hope you have a great school year. Our schools got underway here on the 22nd of August. Feels like Fall is in the air, but I think we may get some rain from Issac this weekend. We can use it, most persons with springs are hauling water.
    I had a wonderful dillydally day in Amish country today! Fabric purchasing was on the agenda!