Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winter Olympic Withdrawals

Mr. DillyDally and I have watched more TV in the last two weeks than we have in the past two years!  Gosh it was fun and addicting!  Even though I spent five of the days at a conference in Anchorage, I made sure to watch some of the prime time and late night broadcasts, as well as keeping up via the internet.  Yes...we had a serious case of Olympic fever.  Last night...we didn't know what to do with ourselves..we surfed the net...we tried to find something to watch on TV...we searched for something meaningful to talk about...but it just wasn't the same.  We are huge 24 fans, and even though we had missed two episodes (because we chose to watch the Olympics instead) it just doesn't compare with the rush we got watching the games.

In my despair, I found hope...a chance for me to keep my Olympic spirit alive...I found directions for both the hat and sweater worn by the Olympic athletes!
The hat pattern can be found at Clever Knits.  This hat sold out very quickly and Ralph Lauren has no plans to have more made.  From my understanding it originally sold for $65 dollars.
This sweater is still available for $425 dollars.  Tonight, while surfing the net...I found a blogger that is developing the cable patterns...she has finished the body and has yet to write the sleeve and shoulder shaping.  Her name is Hethera, and you can bet I will follow her blog regularly...her talent is very obvious.  I just knew there were knitters out there in cyberspace that would fan my Olympic flame!  I am so appreciative!  

We have four years to wait for the next Winter Games...that's okay...it will take me at least four years to complete that sweater! ;-)  I will dillydally my way there one stitch at a time! 

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