Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break comes to a close...

Tuesday morning I decided it was time to pack up the hand applique and set it could wait...I had a list of things that needed to get done this week...and these two blocks kept distracting me.  So with my list in hand...I got busy!

I won't share the mundane things I did...the good news is...I got a lot done and was able to cross quite a few items off the list!  It felt soooo good!  But I will share the dillydally related things...I cut out FOUR quilts!  Whoo-hooo!  You know how it is when you work full time...most of the time there are only small windows of opportunity to dillydally...10 minutes here...half an hour there...not enough time to pull everything out and prepare I love having projects cut and ready...that way I can get a lot more done in those small pockets of time.   Two of the quilts are gifts, so I can't share those until I give them...

This was a kit I bought last summer during the Minnesota Shop Hop.  It is a twin sized quilt using Terry Atkinson's Slide Show pattern.  The pattern will do a good job  of showcasing the 2009 Minnesota Shop Hop Fabric.  The recipient of this quilt will love the Minnesota theme!

It took me two days to cut this queen sized quilt out.  It is another Terry Atkinson (yes, I am her biggest fan and president of the Alaska chapter of her fan club) quilt, called Monterrey Medallions and I have wanted to make it for some time.  I have been collecting several Kansas Troubles fabrics and saving them...just for this.  Technically, it really isn't a scrap quilt...but I am scrapping it up within the Kansas Troubles palette and am using multiple fabrics for the background.  The piecing is done in begins with the center star...which is then surrounded by wood pile it is stars all around...and finally it is bordered with Jacob's Ladder blocks!  I am just itching to get started on this, but I need to finish some gifts first...sometimes it is very difficult to prioritize...ugh!

In amongst all this cutting, I've enjoyed some time with many of my favorite QBees.  It is so much more fun to dillydally with friends!  Today I was invited to have lunch with one of them in her home...she had prepared a terrific new recipe...shared her current projects...we loafed on her lovely new couch...and enjoyed an afternoon of stimulating conversation...precious moments.  Our time is so often is such a compliment when someone chooses to spend their valuable time focused entirely on you...I feel very blessed...and am very grateful...

Spring break is over, so I thought I'd end today's post with this picture of Teacup...sitting on my sewing table...gazing out the window...seeking spring... ;-) ...onward...go and dillydally!

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