Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seeking a Bit of Blue Sky

Life has been stormy ... both literally and figuratively in my remote corner of the planet.  When life becomes complicated and stress or worries tend to monopolize my life, I turn to dillydallying.  Working with my hands ... creating ... being busy ... all assist to help me clear my head.  The complications and worries still exist, but I am better able to think and pray with clarity rather than confusion.  If you follow me on instagram, you know that I have been especially busy ... working on multiple projects ... and those are just the ones I post!  Mr. DD has noticed over the years that the number of projects directly relates to my stress level! ;-)
Today, I'll just share the progress I've made on our guild's 30th Anniversary Party!  It was such fun ... and the event's influence is still being felt here in DillyDallydom!  I took this pic at the beginning of the wool applique' class.  Roseann's sample is in the upper left corner.  Sew inspiring!
Girlfriend DD had never done an entire project with hand stitching!  And she was taught by the best!  Roseann is a wonderful instructor ... with both beginning and experienced stitchers.
After making our pincushions, we moved on to a more advanced project, this sweet table mat is a close-up photo of Roseann's sample.
GF made great progress on her mat ... it was nearly finished by the end of the day!
I have been working on my finishes here at home.
It only took a few minutes to finish the pincushion.  They were all sew dang cute ... I want to make more!
And one end of my mat is completely finished ... and I have made good progress on the remaining end.
"Her Majesty" got a new outfit during class with Sherri Falls!  QBee Marianne brought in decals and gifted me with them!  What a hoot!  I had such fun dressing my machine!  "Her Majesty" is such a workhorse ... she deserves to look pretty!  We began that day by working on our Crafty Basket!  Not to boast ... but I am in love with my kitty / yarn themed fabric!
QBee Marianne and GF working on their crafty basket ... love this pic, it really captures how much fun we were all having!
Sherri had many tricks and techniques that really helped everyone make their baskets successfully!  And GF and I have a new appreciation for binder clips!
I finished mine here at home ... and absolutely love the results!  This is a pattern I will make many times over!  I plan to use mine for knitting projects, but I can envision many uses for the pattern!
I am so in love with this fabric ... wish I had more yardage ... ugh!  The polka-a-dots with kitty ears and faces just makes me giggle!
GF decided to make her first mini under Sherri's tutelage ... yep, she is a very smart woman!
Those little one inch (half inch finished) squares can be challenging, but Sherri checked her accuracy and GF made great progress!
I was able to get started in class, but being chairperson of the event prevented me from making much progress.  But I was able to soak up all the hints and tips Sherri used to help us improve our piecing.  We all benefited from her insights and experiences ... I loved learning from her!
First block came together nicely ...
... and the second block went together even more quickly!  This block pattern is really fun!
Yep ... Little Miss Snoopervisor is always near ... lending a paw.  ;-)
Six blocks done ... half way there!
Currently I have eight blocks done, and only four remain.  I am busy getting ready to teach at the Valdez Quilt Festival, so have set my Winter Lights quilt aside ... for now!  I hope to use this quilt during the winter months following the Holidays ... stay tuned!
Dillydallying provides for me a glimpse of blue sky during stormy and complicated times.  I truly am serious when I say ... do dillydally!

Do what you love.  Take good care!  Do dillydally! 
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. The projects are all so cute.
    Love the basket with the kitty fabric.
    And, the stars are just gorgeous!
    I'm glad Flicka got to put them in place for you. :)
    What a great bunch of Dilltdallyers you have.