Friday, August 19, 2016

Our Hearts Are Heavy

Here, in our remote corner of the planet ... we are grieving.  An outstanding 2016 graduate left this earthly life last week.  Every corner of our community has reached out to support his parents, brother, and friends.  The pain ... the sorrow ... the love ... the emotions are intense and overwhelming.
Class of 2016 - Photo taken May 2015

Today was a "Celebration of Life" event to honor his short, but influential life.  My comments were the following:

As a teacher, one of the first things I did when I had new students is work to identify their strengths through observation.  I was co-advisor for the Class of 2016 from 7th grade through their 10th grade year.

It was quickly apparent that Enrique had many talents … but one was particularly unusual for a student his age.  The greatest desire of every human heart is acceptance.  Even as a 7th grader, Enrique would seek out those who might not feel included and bring them into the activity that was taking place.  Those gestures of friendship and compassion mean so much to the recipient, helping others feel like they belong can be life changing.

As a sophomore, he was in my Healthy Living and Career classes.  Enrique’s personal development and relationship skills were extraordinary.  He surrounded himself with a diverse group of friends, offering them encouragement and unconditional acceptance.  I enjoyed and respected him for his independent thinking skills, sense of humor, loyalty, and willingness to question the status quo.  He was such a pleasure to have in the classroom and he contributed to everyone’s learning.

We are here today to celebrate Enrique’s life … I have a personal message for his classmates and friends.

You have all been in my thoughts and prayers … we will miss Enrique and all that he brought into our lives.  I know in my heart that you wish to honor his memory.

The best way for you to honor Enrique is to live and enjoy a future in this world that is no longer possible for him…
·      Make decisions that create possibilities for your life.
·      Choose a career path that is your passion.
·      Fall in love, many times if necessary.
·      Share your life with a special someone.
·      Have a family.
·      Love unconditionally.

Life is never perfect … it is certainly unfair … and nothing is promised.  So … honor Enrique by living with purpose … create a future that maximizes your potential.  Enrique would encourage and want that for you.

Love one another.
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. I heard this read at the Celebration and am so glad to be able to have a copy of it. If we follow your suggestions of how to honor him and the life he will never live, we will be his legacy to the world. Your words of wisdom are worth keeping and reading weekly, if not daily. Thank you for your tribute to this amazing young man.