Saturday, August 6, 2016

My Birthday Bash!

Sew much has happened since my last post ... every time I sat down to write, I couldn't decide where to begin!  I am so grateful for an especially busy dillydally life ... no complaints from me!  Finally, I decided to just dive in and begin with my birthday!
QBee Diane made me a beautiful German Chocolate cake and extra vanilla cupcakes for those with chocolate allergies!  Love that she shared her baking talent with us!  The truth is that the day wasn't really about my birthday.
The day was really about these two Minnesotans visiting my remote corner of the planet!  "Quilt Rock Stars" Sherri Falls and Roseann Kermes were here to help our local quilting guild celebrate our 30th anniversary.  We have learned to schedule such visits with an extra day to assist with their adjustment to the Alaska time zone or in the likely event of travel complications!
 We spent the day exploring all 36 miles of road available here!  The weather was less than perfect, but Minnesota is "where the women are strong" ...
... "and the men are good looking"!  Roseann's husband and youngest son came as well!  Despite the weather, all four Minnesotans embraced the experience and were up for the adventure!
That evening, the guild's organizing committee came to my home and we hosted an Alaskan themed potluck dinner with moose meatballs, halibut enchiladas, and Copper River Red Salmon cooked on the grill!  Add to that three salads and birthday cake for dessert!
Best! Birthday! Ever!  Sharing my remote corner of the planet ... listening to that beloved Minnesota accent all day ... hanging with Quilt Rock Stars ... working with amazing QBees ... and sharing a meal with family and friends!  It was a perfect dillydally birthday!  I am blessed!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. It looked like a wondeful time. I love my MN friends too, if only the miles betweens us were few. Happoy Birthday!

  2. I bet that was a fun time!
    The food sounds great too.

  3. Happy Birthday! Glad you had such a great time!