Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Zoom ... Zoom ... Zoom!

Life here is DillyDallydom is at warp speed!
Don't let this sweet little face fool you.
"Don't worry about rinsing the dishes Mom, I'll do that for you!"
Like every puppy ... she is busy and in the middle of everything!  It is impossible to get anything done around here ... but we know puppyhood doesn't last for long, so we're enjoying it!
Convincing these two that coexistence is possible has had its challenges!  We've made sure that half the house is a puppy free zone ... so that has helped.
Flicka recently decided that they can be in the same room ... both are guilty of torturing the other ... in the end we all know that Flicka will rule!
Ari comes often to visit ... they are both so stinkin' cute!  Two puppies together is a riot of activity and puppy antics!  Ari is twice the size of Nissa, so they have to watched closely as it can get too rough easily!  There are no boring or quiet moments when these two are together.  Too fun!
Mr. DD's brother and family spent four days visiting us here in our remote corner of the planet!  It was fun to share our lifestyle with them!
Days packed with family and fun are the absolute best way to dillydally!

Do what you love.  Zoom!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. The puppies are too cute.
    Of course Flicka rules, she was there first. ;)
    Looks like a great time with cousins.