Friday, August 28, 2015

This Farm Girl has Caught Up!

Here in DillyDallydom, life has been busy and overwhelming ... all for wonderful reasons!  In the middle of all this chaotic delightful activity ... I fell far behind in my Vintage Farm Girl duties!  Now ... I am a professional dillydallier, so I felt no guilt about it.  The truth is that I really have enjoyed the online sew along ... I love the blocks ... and it is so stinkin' fun!
Meet my cheerleading squad!  Every successful person needs one!  Too fun!
Here and there I would find snippets of time to cut out a few blocks ... stack them on their plates with block and page numbers!
Feed & Seed - Block 16
That way ... when a few free moments of time presented itself ... I could quickly sit and sew a couple of seams!
Fresh Pears - Block 17
Furrows - Block 18
Gingham - Block 19
Grandma's Quilt - Block 20
Haystack - Block 21
Kettle's On - Block 22
As newly weds we spent some of our gift money on a red tea kettle ... and we've had red teapots ever since.  So of course my Farm Girl kettle had to be red as well!
Kitchen Window - Block 23
Mama Hen - Block 24
Milking Day - Block 25
This block really made me miss my childhood as the daughter of a dairy farmer ... such wonderful memories!
Old Glory - Block 26
Old Red Barn - Block 27
I may actually redo this barn block ... would like to make this one more personalized ...  we'll see!
Another stack of blocks ready to be pieced!
Out to Pasture - Block 28
Patchwork Pumpkin - Block 29
Gosh ... pumpkin season is right around the corner ... I had the urge to bake pumpkin bread while piecing this!
Peas and Carrots - Block 30
Pie Cherries Blueberries - Block 31
We didn't have cherries on the farm ... but we always picked wild blueberries ... and that tradition continues here in Alaska!  So I changed out the cherries for blueberries!
Pinwheels - Block 32
Postage Stamp - Block 33
Scrappy Maple Leaf - Block 34
Drum roll please!  My cheerleaders are doing back flips!  Ta - Daa!  This block is one of today's Friday Farm Girl Sew-A-Long blocks!
Scrappy Strawberry - Block 35
Ya-Hoo!  I am all caught up!  Today's second block is also pieced!  We are doing the happy dance here in DillyDallydom!
The sewing room is a very unsafe place for Nissa ... Mr. DD can't decide if we're using the gate to keep her out or lock me in!  Never a dull moment around here!
Flicka is Captain of my cheerleading squad ... here she is teaching the others to do back flips!  Literally!
To celebrate this morning ... I placed them all out on the floor ... drank a celebratory cup of coffee ... and basked in the glow of my success!
Nissa made that moment possible by utilizing the front deck puppy playpen!  Oh ... how she wanted to reorganize the Farm Girl blocks!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. I am obsessed with all of your blocks!! Well done, well done. I recently received Lori Holt's book in the mail and can't get enough of the blocks. Seeing all of yours completed is inspiring for sure. Hugs!

  2. This is all just too darn cute.
    Congrats on catching up with all of the blocks.