Sunday, August 2, 2015

Let's Celebrate!

Wow!  What a week!  We have a lot to celebrate here in DillyDallydom!  This past week has been filled with multiple blessings!
I celebrated another birthday!
In honor of my birthday, we purchased a hand crank sewing machine!  It arrived from Minnesota on my actual birthday!  Sew fun ... will post more details later!
Mr. DD acquired a motor, trailer, and other necessary accessories for his birthday boat (past post here).
He and Brother took a cruise to the cabin to test everything out!  Sister and Boyfriend arrive in a few weeks ... we are all excited about future family adventures in the new boat!
Brother and Girlfriend were adopted by sweet baby Ari while in Anchorage last weekend.
She is a 10 week old lab mix and just adorable.  They have been busy all week adjusting to puppy parenting ...
 ... as have we!  Yep ... we were on a long waiting list for a litter here in town and assumed there wouldn't be a little girl available.
At the last minute, we got the call ... had an opportunity to meet Nissa ... and she chose to adopt us!
 This 7 week bundle of love moved into our home and hearts on my birthday as well!  What a birthday week it has been!

OMGosh Good Golly ... so many blessings!  I have to pinch myself every time I think about all that has taken place!  Life is good here in DillyDallydom!  On top of everything else ... it is also the 6 year anniversary of this humble ... filled with nonsense funsense ... silly dillydally blog.  See?  We must celebrate ... with a DillyDally Give-A-Way!
I am not a business ... sew there are no sponsors to contribute give-a-way items!  But I do have a piece of DillyDallydom to offer!
I wanted to give the Cowgirls on the Oregon trip something to remember me by ... and eventually I decided to have mugs printed with my favorite dillydally picture ... and with the tens of thousands to choose from this photo captures so much of what my dillydally life means to me!  This is my favorite quilt related pic for many reasons ... my sweet kitty ... my favorite Alaska themed fabric ... Her Majesty ... and I am sewing on a Do Dillydally tag!  I felt it was the perfect gift to end the Trail event with ... and I have one remaining ... this give-a-way was meant to be!
Here are the details to participate in the drawing:

  • Leave a comment on this post.
  • In your comment share one of your dillydally dreams.
  • Your comment must include your email address.
Comments will be accepted until midnight (Alaska time) Friday, August 7th.  The person chosen will be announced Saturday, August 8th!  

Thanks for celebrating with me!

Do what you love.  Celebrate!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Happy belated B-Day!!
    Oh, the puppies are so dang cute.
    My DillyDally dream would be to learn more about quilting.
    I took a class in the basics, but wold like to learn more.
    I would love to enter, this is to darn cute with Flicka on it.

  2. So many wonderful things to celebrate! Both puppy girls are very cute, love the new sewing machine, and Happy birthday to you and your blog! One of my dilly-dally dreams is to come back to Alaska!

  3. Happy Birthday! I celebrated the double nickel birthday on July 29th. Sounds like you had a busy wonderful day.
    One of my dilly dally dreams is to have a cook, maid, and go-fer so I could sew all day without worrying about the mundane chores of life. A total pipe dream but maybe...

  4. So glad your birthday was filled with so much wonderful!

  5. LOVE it all!! What a great birthday week! So I am kind of living my first Dilly Dally dream in that I belong to an amazing guild that really has catapulted my quilting skills and is so much fun!! My lofty Dilly Dally dream is to attend QuiltCon in Houston! The idea of that huge event surrounding quilts just seems so cool to me! I think my email will show up with my comment!!

  6. Well, happy birthday in so many ways... One of my dilly dally dreams is that I have enough time in the future to utilize all of the ideas and fabric and fibers and buttons and notions and thing-a-ma-jigs and doohickeys in my "resource room!"

  7. Well darn, I'm too late for the drawing! For some reason I can't read your blog on my tablet, only the laptap, and I don't get on there as often. Anyway, it seems that your brithday was wonderful! Love Nissa, hope she and Flicka are getting along. Happy belated Birthday! and many more DillyDally Days to come!!!!