Sunday, June 1, 2014

Life Lessons in the Kitchen

Summer … the days are long, but the season is short here in my remote corner of the planet.  People travel from all corners of the world to visit Alaska this time of year … and we feed them … often in our homes … it is wonderful!
Fresh Sockeye Salmon
A large portion of my dillydallying takes place in the kitchen … both Mr. DD and I enjoy preparing food.
It's not bragging if I'm applauding someone else, right?  My Mr. DD is a "Grill Master"!  Yep … he grills year round … in short pants!  He does all the outdoor cooking here in DillyDallydom … which is almost daily during summer.
Beer Battered Fresh Halibut
I'm usually in charge of the indoor cooking and all of the baking!  I love to dillydally in the kitchen … relying on the "tried & true" or testing new recipes!  On Friday, I tested Firecracker Onion Rings!  Brother and Girlfriend DillyDally joined us after work and we enjoyed a family happy hour!  We had such fun sharing the week's events and eating them, I forgot to take pictures!

So … why all this talk about food?  Well … that is all I've been doing since Wednesday!  And beginning today, we will be participating in potlucks three days in a row!  The DillyDally kitchen will be busy!  Love it!
As much as I love testing new recipes … I rely most on the women who taught me my first lessons in the kitchen!  This tattered and well used cookbook comes from a small country church only miles from the family farm of my childhood.
I love these kind of cookbooks best!  Real food made by women who live busy and very productive lives.  Every recipe has been tested for generations and involves common ingredients found in nearly everyone's pantry.
On Friday, I decided to surprise a colleague's family with a kid-friendly dinner.  I immediately went to a childhood favorite … my grandmother's Hamburger Rice Hot Dish!  Remember … in Minnesota, they are hot dishes, not casseroles!  Nothing fancy … but so delicious!  It is Sister DD's favorite too!  Yep … those apples never fall far from the tree!  Some day I hope to be half the woman Grandma Teigland was.
My Great-Aunt Laura was a member of the Sell Lake Church and helped collect the recipes and publish this cookbook.  She gave this copy to me in 1975, my first year of college … and obviously I have been using it ever since!  Laura was another amazing woman … whose impact on my life was such a blessing.
I have been using this cookbook for 39 years.  I have been making Grandma's hot dish (pg. 40) for 39 years.  All those years, and until Friday I had never noticed this verse.  My lessons in the kitchen and in life continue … thank you Grandma and Aunt Laura … I am blessed … I love this journey.

Do what you love.  Spend time in the kitchen.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Loved reading this post. I have a cookbook like this too!

  2. I love those church and club cookbooks!! That recipe looks very similar to one called Guru Casserole in an old Nebraska 4-H cookbook.

  3. I'd love to try the Hamburger Rice hot dish, but I'm confused by the directions. Do you cook the rice before mixing all the ingredients together to bake? TIA...Melisa

    1. I agree ... her instructions are confusing! No need to cook the rice in advance. I brown the meat and onion, drain, and then mix all the ingredients together. Place in a well greased casserole or 9x13 inch pan. Bake covered at 350 for two hours. Check to see if done ... occasionally it takes longer. Enjoy! My grandmother could not have imagined the internet, let alone her recipes going global! Do dillydally!