Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Hand Applique' Adventure!

Sew fun!
Here is the sample that "Appliqué Guru" QBee Valerie made for the class!  Very inspiring!  Since I last posted (here) the class met twice!
Valerie taught the techniques of Piece o' Cake designers Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins.

The pattern we used came from their new book, The Best Ever Appliqué Sampler.  It is a terrific reference!
The book is great, but nothing is better than being shown how to do something.  Honestly ... Valerie makes it look easy!  Look at everyone's serious expressions...yep, we had to focus!

QBee Barb had no prior experience with hand appliqué ... she now qualifies as a professional!  I am not joking ... her workmanship is exceptional!

Sweet Sara falls in love with anything involving hand stitching ... she is always a quick study!  Look at the beautiful Hand Appliqué Carrier she made for herself!  Adorable!
She made one for Valerie too!  See ... that is why I refer to her as "Sweet Sara"!

QBee Lila is running the shop ... and still manages to take the class!  I know ... incredible!  The rich tones of her fabrics on the light peach colored background is going to be stunning!

QBee Diane chose black for her background ... yep ... she is fearless!  Purple is her signature color!  It will be as lovely as she is!

When it comes to hand appliqué ...
... I am not a quick study ...
... however, I am tenacious ...
... and as long as I feel like my skills are improving ...
... I'm happy!
It was a great class ... thank you Valerie!  I plan to plod along ... I have big dreams concerning a hand appliqué kit I purchased some time ago!  How I love working towards my dillydally dreams!

Do what you love.  Do dream.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. Good job...I love your "dirt". It sort of looks like flowers blooming in the snow...imagine if your snowbanks were brimming with that only showed up during the winter...amazing!