Monday, June 10, 2013

First Week of Summer in Dillydallydom!

Bits and pieces of this week ... the first week of summer.
Monday ... hand appliqué class ... adding new abilities to the dillydally repertoire!  Hey!  It is the dillydally way!
Summer 2012 - Their new home in Oregon
Tuesday ... a day of mixed emotions.  Thorne and I taught together for 25 years ... Clara and Mr. DillyDally were bankers together for 20 years.  We worked, played, and built our lives together ... through happy and hard times.  I prepared a prime rib dinner for them and others as we said our good byes and celebrated their new life in Oregon!  We are so happy for them as they build new lives ... but ... my ... how we will miss them.

Wednesday was all about home security ... apparently Flicka is our Dillydally Homeland Security Department!  Monsters live in our home ... who knew?  Did you know... kitchen rugs are really wild beasts that must be tamed daily!  
Every morning while I shower ... Flicka balances herself on the curtain rod ... making sure no one is peeking in the window!  See how her weight has bent the curtain rod?
This is the signal for "all clear"!  The sign that all is safe in dillydallydom!  Whew!  What a relief!  Now life can return to normal ... whatever normal is?  So silly ... too fun ... my little fur ball.

Thursday ... a beautiful day!  And most of the leaves have finally come out from hiding!

A former student came to visit with her infant son, Austin.  Flicka was very curious and a bit confused. She had no idea that humans came in this size ... so funny!  What treasures this handsome little man and his mama are ... I was so touched by their visit.
Thursday evening was all about relaxing.  Flicka in her favorite chair with her quilt ...
... Brother DillyDally on the front deck with a book!
We enjoyed a beautiful sunset ... at 11:30 pm ... one of the things I love most about this time of year!
Friday was all about baking the birthday cake ...
... and making a "Golden Delicious" sewing kit!
On Saturday I had an appointment with Mr. Clean.  He and I accomplished our mission successfully.
Next on the agenda was sorting through and organizing the fabric stash.  Flicka was in charge or protecting the 2 inch strips.
Oh-oh ... someone fell asleep on the job.  And those strips are about to fall on the floor ... I need to hire better help! ;-)
Today (Sunday), Mr. DD, Kysa and I went for a hike.
We went to Sheridan Glacier.

Such a beautiful day for a hike.  Kysa patiently waits for us to catch up with her.  The leaves haven't yet arrived here...
... but in a week or two it will be green and the wild lupine will be in full bloom!
What a view!  Am so happy to take a hike that would have been impossible for me last year at this time.  It feels so good to see and feel progress ... nothing beats the feeling of moving forward!
It was a great first week of summer.  My wish for us all ... another wonderful, busy, crazy, and somewhat productive week!  Summer time ... am loving my dillydally life!
Do what you love.  Love your life.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Good to see summer has arrived in Cordova! It's a rainy morning in Ohio, perfect for visiting with you via your blog. Flicka is so darn cute! This week I'm finishing up grades, and then on to organizing my scraps.

  2. Wow! You have had a busy first week of summer! I love all the photos and stories you share on your blog. Have you noticed it's been THREE months since I posted on my blog? I gotta get better at this.
    I think the Sheridan Glacier will be on my 'must see' list.
    Have a great week. It's really hard to type with a bum finger!