Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Surviving May Madness!

For teachers ... the month of May is filled with multiple activities .... and a full spectrum of emotions!
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Even after 28 years of teaching ... the questions this time of the year are always the same.  Will everything get done?  Will I survive?
Eyak Lake  5.6.2013
Of course ... the impossible does get done!  But the only thing that allows me to maintain a small amount of sanity is squeezing in a bit of dillydallying here and there!
Lila has begun hosting a Quiltworx Paper Piecing Special Interest  Group at the Hideout!  We will be meeting the first Saturday of every month.  She worked on borders and Diane was working on her Glacier Pines pattern!
Terry began working on a new table runner pattern!  We're all excited to see it come together!
Valerie began working on her second Seasonal table runner.  Gorgeous colors for the spikes and great background print!
Cece dropped by and shared her two table toppers.  I love the idea of turning the runners into single circle table toppers!  They are stunning!
Lila is preparing to layer and quilt her table runner!  I love how colorful it is!
I made a bit of progress on my second table runner as well.  I placed my geese in a random color order ... so far, so good!  And ... I'm especially happy that the fabrics all came from my stash!

A few hours spent with friends and fabric felt so good!  Just what I needed in order to face the many obligations ahead of me this week!  Dillydallying will be a bit scarce this month, but 2.5 months of full-time dillydallying will follow!  No worries ... if things go completely nuts ... I'll sneak in a minute or two of fabric or fiber ... so yes, I will survive!
Do what you love.  Do survive.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 

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  1. Hang in there...the time will fly by and you will soon be able to start full time fun!