Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brother DillyDally returns to College

Gosh! Where did the past week go? Between work, volleyball games and giving a workshop at the local fabric store...it was busy! Add to that, my son was preparing to leave for college. My primary sewing project this week was making curtains for his apartment. I had intended to buy curtains while there...this is only temporary housing after all...what's a mother to do when her adult son asks her to make curtains to match the wall quilt she made when he first left for college two years ago? Especially when I saw that the only thing he had done when he dropped off his things this spring for storage, was hang that Alaskan themed wall quilt. Part of it was caught in a photo I took of the apartment while checking it out this summer.
Yes...I turned into mush! He doesn't have to pull those heart strings very hard to get his way...and I love every bit of it! Soooo...after visiting the apartment I knew exactly what fabric to use. I bought too many yards to mention of the stripe print that was part of this summers Minnesota Shop Hop fabric line. It will really help brighten up a basement apartment. Brother DillyDally loves the forest and being in the woods. We live in a temperate rain forest and he loves being outdoors in it no matter what the weather. So I paired the stripe with a forest print that was in my stash. I lined them to help prevent sun damage, and reminded my "man-child" that when he left this apartment the curtains were to leave with him. When he is done using them, I will recycle them into something else for him. Naturally I finished them 45 minutes before we had to leave for the airport...somethings should never change! Hee-hee!
Sunday, August 30th was his last full day at home. The weather cooperated, and he spent it kayaking with friends. He requested one of his favorite meals, Polynesian Stack-Up, and shared it with a few of his friends who hadn't already left for college.
He left Monday evening...and would arrive in Fargo Tuesday afternoon...a very long night ahead of him. We love having him come home to work for the summer...we also know that these summers are numbered...so we savor it and try to make time stand still...many mixed emotions. He called me last night for instructions on how to hang his curtains...he hadn't even unpacked yet...it just warmed my heart and relieved some of the ache.

I am sure to get a lot of dillydallying done this week...I go a bit crazy with the quilting and knitting when my emotions are raw...that kind of busy is good medicine for me. I recommend it for many ailments...get out there and dillydally...you'll feel better!

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