Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Adventure Down Cobblestone Lane Begins!

Our box of goodies arrived from Heavenly Patchwork on Tuesday of this week!  I was very well behaved and didn't open the box until today!  Such restraint...very unusual for me...hee-hee!  Invited the Lucky Seven over for brunch today!  Before setting the table I opened the box...Kay not only included everyone's pattern and fabric kit, but also a file folder with additional information.

Sooo...I decided to use the folders as placemats...what fun!
I hid the patterns and kits under the cake cover...they were dessert!

Here we are enjoying dessert!  What fun!  One of the "Lucky Seven" was out of town, and we'll make sure she gets her kit as soon as she returns.  We have big plans for our trip down Cobblestone Lane...we all want to finish them in time for our guild's quilt show next year!  Our "intent" (after all, life does happen) is to complete the blocks each month, have show and tell as we get each kit,  and thoroughly enjoy our progress and time together.  It's easy for us to envision success when surrounded by a cheerleading squad like this group...friends are such a blessing!

Speaking of blessings...the "Lucky Seven" member on the right...announced that she is engaged to be married!  We are all so happy for her and her future husband!  More to celebrate!  Life is good...take time to dillydally!

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