Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today, May Day, would have been my mother's 82nd birthday!  As young children, she would help us make up simple May Baskets for our grandparents and neighbors.
We celebrated her day ... by doing for others.  That was her way ... always doing for others!  In this photo she was 16 years old!
Not long ago, my aunt sent me photos that I had never seen before.  This is my mother at 19 years of age ... recently divorced ... working two jobs ... and pregnant with me!  I cannot imagine the stress, pressure and exhaustion she must have been dealing with!  When I was 19, my biggest worries were taking exams and writing papers for college classes!  She was about to turn 20, and I would be born a few months later in July.
Immediately after my birth, my mother returned to work while my teenage aunts served as babysitters.  This photo documented four generations, my mother and I are with my grandfather (her father) and my great grandmother.

My mother accomplished so much in her lifetime.  But what I admire most was what she did for others.  Since her passing in 2006, I honor her by doing some sort of act of kindness in her memory on her birthday and the anniversary of her death.

If you follow me here, on facebook or instagram, you know that I have been busy teaching a garment making class!  Mom taught me to sew and was our 4-H sewing leader!  I have so many fond memories of sewing with her ... a love we both shared!  It seemed fitting to sew and gift a garment in her honor this year.
This linen/cotton dress/tunic is being gifted to a young woman in our community that loves and appreciates the natural world.
She works hard to educate and coach young adults in the wonder of our environment!
 I appreciate all that she does to enrich our community!  She doesn't sew herself, but has an appreciation for handmade things!  When I thought about who I would share my mothers memory with, she was the first to come to mind!
June 11, 1960
My mother married my adoptive father shortly before my third birthday!  I actually remember their wedding day!  I have always thought that was very special!  Dad chose us!

By 1964, Mom was a mother of four!  We enjoyed a wonderful childhood ... surrounded by love ... and empowered by our parents and extended family!  We were blessed in too many ways to count!

While wrapping todays gift ... I thought about what message my mom would send to this young woman ... I settled on "Enjoy Life".  A simple concept, but one that we often need to be reminded of!
 Thanks Mom!  For everything!  I love and miss you every day!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. You have great memories of your Mom.
    That is something to cherish forever.
    Happy Birthday to your Mom in Heaven.

  2. I loved reading this post honoring your mom. A reminder of how we never stop appreciating those we love and to cherish these days we have together while we are mere. Thank you.

  3. What a lovely tribute to your Mom and a great way to honor her memory💞 your act of kindness will continue and honor her legacy💜

  4. Wow this is a beautiful story filled with kindness, thoughfulness, and love.