Friday, July 24, 2015

Exploring Oregon!

Oregon has such a diverse landscape ...
... and of course it is impossible to experience everything a state has to offer in one week ...
... but it was important to me that we experience the back roads when possible.
We enjoyed five different mountain ranges ...
... drove through four valleys ...
... while building friendships along the DillyDally Trail.
One of my favorite stops was the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center ...

... it is amazing that people survived such a journey.  I could have spent all day there ... so interesting.
The vistas were amazing ... all along our travels!
It was great to visit Pendleton Woolen Mills ... this is the mill where their blankets are produced!
We were able to observe the entire process ... from fleece being carded ...

...  to watching the wool being spun.
Yellow yarn ready for the looms.
Here ... the computers that run the looms on the floor below.
The warp used in weaving their famous blankets is cotton ...
... the weft is their infamous wool!
Blanket yardage fresh off the loom!  Beautiful!
This is how the yardage is inspected ...
... and repaired when necessary!  We decided we would love a sewing machine like this!  What fun!
Gorgeous scenery every where we went!
When possible, I tried to plan our meal experiences around the downtown area of the cities where we were spending the night.  It was an attempt to learn more about the communities we were visiting.
A view of the Cascades ...
as we made our accent of Mt. Hood.
Everyone who visits Oregon should make a stop at the Timberline Lodge!
So much history and wonderful folk art .... hand carved stair post ...
... and original handmade furniture ... just a taste of all there is to see!
The Columbia River has always and continues to play a very important role in Oregon (and Washington's) life.  It was great to experience the river first hand on a sternwheeler!
There is nothing like seeing the gorge from the river ... beautiful! We saw and experienced so much ... it has been hard to absorb it all!   One thing that we all agreed on ... we all want to return for more!

Do what you love.  Explore.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 

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