Sunday, February 9, 2014

Iceworm 2014

Dawn was beautiful Saturday … the promise of a very enjoyable Iceworm Festival!  We always begin Iceworm day with breakfast at the St. Joseph's Catholic Church Pancake Feed!  Always yummy!  Next ... we head over to the museum and library for the annual photo contest.  After that it is on to the Arts and Crafts Show!  I'll create another post of that venue … we have an abundance of talent here in my remote corner of the planet … it deserves to have a separate post!
A quick peek of main street … things look quiet, but that changes when the parade begins!
Eagle Scouts served as Color Guard and our Girls Basketball Team carried the banner to lead the annual parade!
The Grand Marshall's for the festival were retired teachers, Dick and Sue Shellhorn!
Sandy Ponte was chosen Citizen of the Year!  She does so much for our community, an excellent choice!
Parents, preschoolers and toddlers … all members of our local Puddle Jumpers.  They work together to provide fun and support for local families … wonderful asset for our community!
Cub Scouts …
… and Girl Scouts!  Scouting has a long tradition here … such a valuable experience for our youth!
Miss Iceworm and her court riding on top of a local fire truck.
The parade ends with our "many legged" Iceworm!  Local children look forward to and love serving as the Iceworm's legs … such fun!
The infamous tail was found once again this year and securely attached to the iceworm!  The end to a wonderful parade!
The view from main street.

The remainder of the day involved high school basketball games and fireworks for Mr. DillyDally and I!  Another wonderful Iceworm here in DillyDallydom!
Do what you love.  Happy Iceworm!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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