Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Transition Day!

Yep ... I'm still alive and well here in DillyDallydom.  Life has been hectic ... there is a lot to share ... so much that I actually find it overwhelming!  Crazy, I know!

So ... I'll share just a tidbit about today ... it was a day of transition.  Brother DillyDally left early on the ferry.  He and friends are traveling down the Alaska / Canadian Highway to Seattle, where he will spend the winter or longer.  I got up early to make caramel rolls for him to take and share on the ferry.
The house feels different ... many mixed emotions!  Well ... a dillydallier knows how to approach transitions like this!  I poured myself a hot cup of coffee ... served myself a cinnamon roll ... checked the blog ... and started a new pair of mittens!
Flicka felt the changes too.  Here she is ... resting her chin on a ball of yarn while I knit!  Yep ... her knitting manners have become quite advanced!  

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Hugs to you Mrs. DillyDally. I know it's difficult to see our children off on adventures. Our daughter, Amanda, and her husband are getting ready to set sail from San Francisco to the Sea of Cortez!!! Yikes! I know they are great sailing their boat/home and will have a wonderful adventure, but it is still a little unsettling for Mom! Glad they will have internet service.
    Hope you have a wonderful day and I'm looking forward to all the other posts. I need to get on that too! Love & Hugs <3

  2. Miss Carol can identify with your post, for sure. It is a difficult transition to see your children off to new places. I know you will do just fine! Double hugs from your Ohio QBees.

  3. I identify as well. So many mixed emotions....Hugs to you too.