Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Escape Paid Off!

Clear skies (relatively speaking) and cold temperatures have arrived here in my remote corner of the planet!    Everyone in town is enjoying this chance to get a handle on our "Snowpocalypse"!
On my last post I mentioned my plans to escape reality by saving Middle Earth and dillydallying with Aragorn.
Sew... while he implemented the "Fellowship of the Ring", I pieced and cut my 128 red string triangles for the Orca Bay Mystery!  Outside my fantasy, it was raining.  Which helps the snow to melt, but also turns it to ice...making it more difficult to remove from roofs.  Ugh...glad I could escape for a few hours.
On Thursday...the rain continued.  Here in Dillydallydom the winds were blowing in a new direction ... time to work on something new.  So I pulled out two kits that I had purchased this summer at Ann's Quilt Cottage in Bemidji, Minnesota.  They were both designed by Emily of Red Button Quilt Company!
Emily creates the sweetest snowman themed designs I have done several of them over the years.  I chose to do the one on the right ... the other one used red fabric ... having done all those red string triangles the day before, I was ready for a change.
While Aragorn was trying to defeat the "Two Towers", I pieced the 18 inch top and...
... began the wool applique' snowpeople.  As I've mentioned before ... I am still a beginner at this wool work!  Sew it was a bit of a challenge to do pieces this small.  The Lord of the Rings movies are long ... it took me several hours both Thursday and Friday to do the applique" work.
By the time Aragorn had taken his rightful place in "Return of the King" on Friday, I had given the snowpeople their features.  My escape to Middle Earth with Aragorn really paid off ... I escaped reality for a few hours each day ... my stress level had been reduced ... and I made good progress on two projects!  It was win/win all the way around!

In order to update you on the Snowpocalypse... are some recent photos of places that were in my last post... you can see a lot of progress has been made in removing snow...
... but there is still plenty left to do.  No we haven't completely returned to normal, but we are getting closer every day!  The forecast is dry and cold for the next several days, just what we need to reclaim our community!

Many of you dillydalliers out there in blogland sent messages of concern and support over the past couple of weeks ... I have been so touched by your thoughtfulness.  Thank you!  I love you and your part in my dillydally life!

Do what you love.  Escape when you need to.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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