Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mother Nature and Her Gift!

Mother Nature has been the center of attention in my remote corner of the world!
In the past two weeks, she has gifted us with about 15 feet of snow.
Her dillydally whims can make for beautiful scenic photos...
however...there is a dark side to this heavy quilt of white stuff...all that volume of snow has to be moved in order to protect property and ensure safety.

Mr. DillyDally (and Brother, while he was home) have had to shovel both decks and the stairs (there are 33 of them) a minimum of twice a day!  We live on the beach, so our snowfall is much smaller than our friends and neighbors who live up the hillside.  Shoveling has been a full time job for everyone...often taking more than 8 hours a day.
It has been a challenge for everyone.  The conditions were so bad on Thursday (Jan.5) that the city had to shut down ... visibility was nonexistent ... even the snowplows were stopped, it was difficult to maintain emergency services.  The conditions have been hard on everyone ... especially their backs and in their hearts!

This You-Tube video does a great job of showing the conditions on Friday as our community worked hard to restore their property ... it also serves as a tour of our remote corner of the planet ... I think you'll enjoy it!

Now ... for the bright side of our "Snowpocalypse"!  It is in time of trouble that our true character is revealed.  Watching neighbor helping neighbor ... witnessing people rushing to assist those in need ... that is the reason I refer to all this snow as a gift from Mother Nature.  It is a gift and an honor to see the best in our fellow man.  I am blessed to live with my neighbors in this remote corner of the planet.

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. I loved visiting Alaska twice now in the summer, on a cruise! And I always wonder what it would be like in the winter. Watching the youtube video was amazing! Thank you! I won't be visiting in the winter anytime soon! I'm from So. California and never been in the snow. Looks too cold for me! Keep warm and keep dillydalling!

  2. OMG, Terri! Take good care of yourselves. Yikes! I hate to tell you that we have NO snow in Minnesota, I guess you got it all. Mary Ellen

  3. Thanks for sharing the video. I really makes me want to visit there . The town looks very interesting and all were in such a good mood with smiles and happiness.

  4. Following the news for Cordova and Valdez, I've been wondering how you've been faring. Amazing snowfall. Meanwhile, here in the Interior, we're only getting a couple inches here and there.

    Hope things are moving there soon.

  5. Just saw your town on national news, yikes! Do take care, Mary Ellen

  6. You have made the news here in Minnesota. That is a lot of snow!!! Stay warm and safe:)