Saturday, June 18, 2011

Seeking Seclusion from My Remote Lifestyle! ;-)

Sometimes our community in this remote corner of the planet gets hectic ... suddenly it isn't remote enough...
... that is when we head to a more secluded spot ... our cabin at the mouth of the Eyak River.  Here we are at the boat landing getting ready to travel down river.
The ride takes about 20 minutes by jet river skiff.  This part of the river is where we leave the forested area and are entering the wetland/delta part of the river.  Do you see the fisherman on the bank?  He is trying to catch those famous Copper River Sockeye salmon!  To give you a point of reference ... the mountains on the right are called the Heney Range, the city of Cordova is on the other side of them.
These mountains, that we are leaving behind ... and are on the left in this bend of the river ... are part of the Chugach Range.  The glacier on the  far right of this photo is the Sheridan ... where we went hiking on Memorial Day, you can read about it here.
This isn't the greatest photo, but wanted to show that Kysa insists on serving as the hood ornament.  We don't know why, but every dog we've had ... there have been five, has insisted in riding on the hood.  At one time there were three of them who rode on the hood together!  Believe it or not, none of them have ever fallen off during the 21 years we've had the cabin!
I really enjoy the abundance of wild flowers out on the delta.  The Chocolate Lilies are just about to end their cycle.  We have a large crop of them that grow and bloom in our yard.
The Chocolate Lily is beautiful, not very fragrant and the blossoms are about the size of a 50 cent piece.  Their roots are edible ... once when the kids were young, we cooked some with our neighbors ... they were pretty flavorless ... but if you were out in the wilds and were hungry you might find them especially tasty! ;-)
When you look closely, you can see flowers everywhere.  Those tiny white blossoms are Snow Stars, they are smaller than a dime in size.  The pink blossoms will become Nagoon berries in August.  Nagoon berries are small, but are powerful in flavor.  They are highly prized here in Alaska.  My Alaska wildflower reference book is at the cabin, so I am unable to give you official names at this time.
The Wild Iris are just beginning to blossom ... in a week the delta will take on a purple hue.  They are just thick ... you cannot walk without stepping on them ... it is lovely!  
Yesterday was our first visit to the cabin this season.  Ability to travel here for our boat, is dependent on the water level of the river.  With our unusually cold and low snow levels this winter, the river required all that rain we've been having to get high enough.  There have been years when we were able to come in April, but that is unusual.  We refer to our cabin as a "stationary camper"... it is one room ... no plumbing ... no electricity ... and we have to use an outhouse.  Our intent for the day was to tame the yard, cut back some brush, sweep out the cobwebs and check to see if any wildlife had chosen to spend the winter.  This is the before picture. ;-)
Here she is all gussied up ... ;-) ... just like us, what a difference a little TLC makes!  We refer to her as the Uff Da, she is our version of a Norwegian stugga.  
The view behind the cabin ... wetlands and Chugach Range ... Scott and Sheridan glaciers...
... this is the view from the outhouse ... ;-) ... yes, we've been known to use the facility with the door open!
After the chores were done ... and the "To Do" list had been finished ... Mr. DillyDally, Kysa and I did a bit of relaxing in the sun ... after all, this secluded cabin is designed to help us escape the hectic lifestyle we live in our remote corner of the planet!  Hee-hee ... what a wonderful way to dillydally!
Do escape ... do dillydally!


  1. You really do live in "God's Country!" Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. And just reading about your secluded little cabin was a kind of respite for me. :)
    I have another week to go before school is out for kids, then a week of inservice. I, too, accomplish less in the summer with more time available. But this summer is going to be different! (I hope.)

  2. what beautiful flowers...the perfect place for the DD family to do what they do best...

  3. Oh my gosh--now you guys are the DD family! How cute!! So happy to see you guys soaking up the summer, too. Can't wait to visit with you during Session 1 and 2 at the NetLoft! I haven't been this excited for a Friday night in a long time:)