Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's Great to be a Fruit Loop!

A peaceful Sunday morning ... freshly ground coffee ... Teacup is purring ...
... the tide is in ... the air is filled with a cool mist ... a wonderful way to begin a dillydally day!

Another "crazy busy" week ... it was the last for students ... it was filled with finals, make-up work, and grades.  I love being surrounded by the energy of adolescents ... they keep me young!  Honestly they do!  Mr. DillyDally always teases compliments me by calling me a "perpetual teenager"!  ;-)  I am always flattered by this praise from the man I married nearly 30 years ago! 
I finished the wool applique project this week ... and love the results.  Like I mentioned last week, this project really tugged at my mothering heart strings when I saw it last summer.  There is just something about a mother hen and her chicks ... I have two chicks, so I squeezed a second chick out of the wool provided in the kit.  I love buying kits ... but always experience a bit of anxiety over having enough ... fortunately this one was packaged with generous amounts!  Both of my chicks could be included!  I'm also feeling more comfortable with my wool applique skills and plan to do more!

We spent most of yesterday going through things we've had in storage.  Yep ... I finally threw away my maternity clothes!  No new additions are being planned!  Brother DillyDally chose to save several of his fathers old clothes ... because they're cool ... they're vintage! ;-) What a hoot!  Well ... after discovering we were vintage ... we felt better about discarding the maternity clothes!

I did some purging in the sewing room as well ...
...yep ... it had been about 2 years since I had gone through my magazines ... the piles were really beginning to crowd me in the sewing room.  I just wish I had thought to take a before picture ... I have a weakness for magazines ... I love curling up with them ... reading and rereading them ... they are one of my favorite ways to dillydally!
Yep ... enough for another large binder!  They ensure that I will never lack for projects, patterns or inspiration to feed my dillydally whims! 

With more elbow room available in my sewing room, I feel the dillydally winds begin to stir!  Now that I've been identified as vintage, I best get busy.  Gosh ... I'm old enough to be considered vintage ... but I behave like a teenager ... add in my dillydally lifestyle ... I really am a fruit loop! ;-)  Some psychiatrist would have fun with this!  Time to get off the computer and immerse myself in my silliness!  Have a dillydally day!


  1. Mrs. D - Love the hen and chicks!! I think it looks better w/both your chicks than the original pattern. Been thinking of you this week now that school's out... see you soon!

  2. LOVE the two chicks! Your eye for design is amazing! Hope to catch up with you soon, too:)