Sunday, October 10, 2010

QBee/KBee Camp!

Q/KBee Julie (on the left) organized and invited us to her cabin across the inlet for a weekend of Quilt/Knit Camp! 
We met her and hubby, Captain Jerry, at 12:30 pm Saturday at the harbor for the 20 minute trip to their cabin.  I had taught a knitting class that morning, so they were all gracious enough to wait until I was finished!
Fortunate for us, it wasn't raining.  Even though it is chilly this time of the year, at least we were able to stay dry during the short trip.  Here we are leaving the harbor.
In order to get into the cove, we had to arrive during high tide.  Here is Captain Jerry waving goodbye as he leaves ... it's just us, the wilderness and ...
...tons of food!  ;-)  Yes, we know how to survive!  Freshly baked goods ... four kinds of cookies ... a bar ...and blueberry muffins.  Remember ... in our remote corner of the planet ... we are our own bakery!
Just in case the baked goods aren't enough ... candy is a necessary survival tool.
QBee Diane spent time hand quilting a Lone Star masterpiece ... yes ... it is stunning!
Q/KBee Terry was busy correcting a knitting project!
Q/KBee Julie was also knitting ... a sweater that her 18 year old son helped design!
QBee Barb H. was busy sewing down the binding and hanging sleeve on three projects!
Julie was in charge of dinner and had slow cooked all day on the wood stove her famous Smoky Cabin Beans and a delicious fruit salad.  We ate around the campfire ... it was lovely!
The sun rose about 8 am, I was in charge of breakfast.  We enjoyed several cups of coffee, an oven omelet and then went for a long walk while the tide was out.
It felt so good to surround ourselves with the wonders of nature...
...nature always inspires creativity and after a couple of hours we were ready to return to the cabin and continue our handcrafts.
As time passed today ... the tide quietly came in ... and before we knew it, Captain Jerry was returning to pick us up.
 Barb finished all three of her binding projects!
Julie accomplished a lot on her sweater!
Diane also made a lot of progress ... her hand quilting is incredible.  Terry worked hard on re-knitting her hat and I was able to finish the binding on a queen sized quilt! 
Soon it was time to return to reality...
... Captain Jerry helped us load up our gear and carefully steered the boat towards home.
Again ... no rain on the return trip ... the weather gods were on our side this weekend!
Returning to reality ... our remote corner of the planet ... Cordova, Alaska!
And there to greet us as we pulled into the landing ... our husbands.  I think they missed us!  

Gosh ... I treasure times like this.  Having dear friends ... working and playing together ... sharing the joys and troubles of our lives ... it is a bit of heaven on earth.  I am so grateful to Julie and Jerry for graciously inviting and sharing their cabin with us ...especially since it is the middle of deer season! ;-)  Jerry deserves "Husband of the Year"! 


  1. We were talking about you in our Groovy Girls club tonight! Did you hear us?

    Your weekend away looks like fun. You always seem to have a great time!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I think I got a sugar rush just reading!