Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Step 3 is definately a redo! UGH!

This is a photo of Child's Glacier. It is located here in Cordova, on the Copper River within the Chugach National Forest. Our local yarn store, The Net Loft, has had multiple types of yarn hand dyed to reflect many of the natural wonders that are a integral part of the lifestyle we enjoy in our little corner of the planet.

Well...I still can't figure everything out...I was hoping the photo on the right would be below the above text...anyway.... The yarn you see in the photo was hand dyed and labeled "Child's Glacier". It is called Casbah and made by Hand Maiden Fine Yarns. The fiber content is 81% Merino, 9% Cashmere and 10% Nylon. Machine washable and feels like heaven in my hands.

Because these are custom yarns, several of us local knitters were asked to develop a "one skein" project that reflected the yarn of our choice. Blue is my favorite color...Child's Glacier is a family favorite...I was drawn to this yarn immediately.

Choosing the yarn was easy...coming up with a design concept took a lot more effort. I thought about glaciers...I find them to be somewhat mystical...there is a sense of mystery yet comfort in knowing that something I enjoy has been in existence for tens of thousands of years and will continue long after my footprints on this earth have faded. My thought process eventually led to the realization that every glacier began with a single snowflake...suddenly I knew exactly what I was going to do with the yarn! The photos show the finished design...a pin cushion...and the process that got me there.

The pictures are out of order...UGH!!...I hope I finally get this figured out!!!! Anyway...the pincushion has a single snowflake on the top and has mountains on the four sides. Garter stitch makes up the bottom. I'm sorry that the photos are so out of order...I have some work to do before I master Step 3 of this blogging process...Hee-hee!

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