Thursday, July 30, 2009

Arrived in Minneapolis!

Peanut the Elephant (my sewing room mascot) is sad the I'm leaving. I survived another red eye flight...barely! But as soon as I saw Sister DillyDally...I immediately forgot how miserable I is so great to be with her!
Mr. and Mrs. Valerie are the ones who provided Daughter and Boyfriend DillyDally with their Copper River Red salmon dinner was delicious! I thought they might lick their plates clean! We had a lovely meal filled with lively conversation! It is soooo great to be here.

Tomorrow I go on my first of two Quilt Shop Tours! Can life get any better? Sunshine...summer temperatures...daughter...her boyfriend...salmon dinner...quilt tours...I'm trying to breathe slowly and soak it all up!

Take time to DillyDally!

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