Saturday, September 9, 2017

Magic from Skeins in the Stacks

There are people in our lives who believe in and find magic in the simplest of things.  Anna shares the magic she finds in literature and expresses it through color and fiber.  She is the artist and creativity behind Skeins in the Stacks!
Locally, Anna is a treasured librarian by day ... when not at our public library she turns yarn into literature inspired treasure ... yep, magic!  I've shared her talent before ... her Peter Rabbit Yarn (found here) as well as Peter Pan (found here)!  The Net Loft hosted both of those events, so local knitters were thrilled when it was announced that they were hosting Anna and her new yarns again this past week!
The evening began with Tasha Tudor's book, A Time to Keep: A Book of Holidays!  Anna chose to celebrate the months of August and October with her yarns.
August involves a birthday celebration ... "And best of all -- the birthday cake came floating down the river."  A magical image for both our eyes and mind!
Anna took that magic and transferred it to fingering and DK weight yarn ... introducing us to her colorway ... "The Birthday Cake"!  Yep ... it is yummy ... and calorie free!
Anna even frosted her cakes ... with the most adorable stitch markers!  She special ordered them from The Nome Knitter.  They literally are little birthday cakes on a raft ... just like the illustration in the book!  Honestly ... they make me squeal with delight ... yep, more magic!
"October was the time to make cider and pumpkin moonshines."  I wish we could magically jump into the book and join the fun!
Anna captured the magic by creating bundles of color that shine!  The fingering weight includes sparkles!  Be still my heart!
Every bundle comes with a Moonshine stitch marker ... custom made just for Anna!  Too magical for words!
Next, we visited Neverland!  More Peter Pan inspired magic!
This beautiful yarn is titled, "Peter Pan"!  Gorgeous as a skein ... even more beautiful knit!  Anna used her magic and knit the child's sweater!
Also from Neverland ... these amazing London Knitting Bags! Anna ordered the bags custom made from Sarah Fletcher of Sarah Sews It ... who lives in Great Britain!  Squeal!  Omgosh good golly ... look at the treasure found inside!  Two skeins of Anna's yarn ... one of each colorway "Mermaid's Lagoon" and "If You Believe, Clap Your Hands"!  And knitter's hand balm ... custom made by a knitter here in Alaska ... Wild Fern Medicinals!    
They don't fit in the bag, but the purchase of the bag also includes two patterns designed specifically for the yarn inside!  Over the top ... they are by Jessica Anderson Designs.  How is it possible for a little bag to contain so much ... magic!
Next stop ... Peter in Blueberry Land!
This colorway is "Into the Forest" and each skein comes with a spruce cone stitch marker!  So sweet!
Our final destination is Brambly Hedge!  We're visiting during Autumn, the harvest season ... "The blackberries were ripe."
Yep ... they are delicious enough to eat and magic to touch!  The mice of Brambly Hedge enjoy their tea ... each skein comes with a teapot stitch marker!  So very sweet!  I came home from this event inspired and with a shopping bag full of magic!  There is still inventory available at The Net Loft and Anna will have it available in her etsy shop on Monday, September 11th.
Life is real ... practical ... and driven by necessity.  Often ... if we look beyond the obvious, magic will reveal itself.  The authors represented here found magic and shared it through their writing.  Anna adds to their magic with her hand dyed yarns.  Knitters take that yarn and create even more magic with the work of their hands.  Finding the magic armors us with additional resiliency when faced with the practicalities of life.

Do what you love.  Seek magic!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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