Saturday, May 20, 2017

A DillyDally Diversion

As mentioned before ... I have been buried in 007 projects.  A lot of dillydallying that cannot be shared!  The good news is that some have been finished and delivered, but there are many still in progress!
However ... I did give myself a break and allowed myself a dillydally diversion!
I have always loved nine patches!   While traveling last fall, the technique in this book for constructing nine patch blocks was being demonstrated!  I was hooked and knew I had to give it a try!
I have a serious weakness for precuts and this particular charm pack was a gift from friends.  I lacked yardage from this line ... resulting in an inability to manipulate the project in terms of design!  Hmm ... this would be difficult.  I actually love challenges like this ... especially when I am forced to make do and problem solve!
I pieced the blocks ... following the technique ... working it in leaders and enders style while working on other items.
Before long, forty-two charm squares became the same number of nine patches! Next came the real challenge ... what to do with them!
The book is filled with options for using and setting nine patches.  I eventually decided to use the one on the back cover because it used both the dark and light blocks.
The neutrals used in the prints were white, gray, and navy.  A trip to my local quilt store enabled me to find a solid navy and gray print that would work.  Sew ... I got busy and made quarter square blocks.  Pieced the blocks together and added a narrow border.
I chose the backing from my stash ... wild sunglasses!  Her Majesty ... her walking foot ... a stitch in the ditch quilting festival ensued!
There wasn't enough of the navy available in town for binding, so back to "making do"!  I purchased a bit of bright green that "sort of" matches the green in the charm squares and the backing.  Challenge met!!!
I honestly believe that when you find something good, you should share it!  So at our guild's spring retreat, I demonstrated the technique!  Barb H went home, raided her stash and started sewing!
Here she has finished piecing her blocks ... cannot wait to see how she decides to set them together!  Such fun!
Barb C went home and pulled out a charm pack from her stash!
She decided to add a bit of wool applique'!
Quilted and bound!
Beautiful results!
It is sew fun to learn something new!  Now my head is spinning with nine patch possibilities!  When I find myself overwhelmed ... I have found that taking a dillydally diversion helps to clear my head and I'm then able to return to other projects with more energy!  Diversions are a good thing ... I highly recommend it!

Do what you love!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Beautiful! I think I have seen/used this technique. Better put on my thinking cap!

  2. What a great design you came up with.
    Both of the projects are cute and fun!