Wednesday, July 13, 2016

FisherFolk Wrap-Up!

It is such a privilege to enjoy and participate in nearly ten days of knitting inspiration and expertise! An opportunity of this scale doesn't normally happen in your hometown ... especially when your community happens to be in a remote corner of the planet.
Photo from Cordova Museum facebook page
Dotty, the sponsor and organizer of this event, arranged for the Moray Firth Project of Scotland, to display their gansey collection!  What an amazing opportunity for knitters (and the non-knitting public) to experience the history behind gansey traditions.  Inspiring on every level ... I am still processing it all.
Long time followers might remember that I took a Saami Mitten class from Beth Brown Reinsel in 2014.  I was thrilled to find out that she would be teaching Latvian Fingerless Mitts here in Cordova!  This is a picture of her class sample taken at the beginning of the day we immersed ourselves in Latvian knitting!
At the end of our day together. it was fun to see everyone's work!  Each uniquely and beautifully in progress!  I am always inspired by the diversity of color choices when in classes, I love being surrounded by the individual talents of others.
Speaking of talent ... a member of the class, Sally, finished her mitt before the conference ended!  Sally is a spinner from the Mat-Su Valley here in Alaska ... she used odds and ends from her hand spun stash ... the results are gorgeous!  I met Sally during the first Fiber & Friends event in 2014, it was so fun to reconnect and spend time together again!
I also took Beth's Fana Sweater class.  This sweater is a traditional Norwegian design.
And ... here is my inspiration for taking the class!  Fourth grade Sister DillyDally with her Kirsten doll ... both in full costume ... this pic was taken by our local newspaper ... my heart melts each time I come across it.
I took this pic at midnight from my front deck at the end of the first day.  A two-day class that involved everything I love about knitting ... color pattern work ... sweater construction ... Nordic culture ... all adding up to happiness for me.
Beth teaches her techniques by having us construct miniature versions of the sweater, thus preparing us to plan and design our own in any size we choose.  I learned several new techniques and look forward to finishing this sample.  There is definitely a full-sized Fana sweater, for some DillyDally family member, in my future!
Zipper application - Sweater designed and knit by Bonne Marie Burns
I can ... and often do ... knit like a maniac.  I currently have three adult sweaters nearly done ... they remain in this state because I don't enjoy the finishing techniques required to complete them.  Ugh!  I seriously need an intervention!  Bonne Marie Burns to the rescue!  I took her No Fear Finishing class!  Bonne's designs and techniques are contemporary and her attention to fashion, fit and detail is extraordinary.  I have taken several classes from her ... each experience adding to my ability to create knitwear that becomes what I had originally envisioned.  I am so grateful ... and now have confidence to finish those sweaters that have been patiently waiting for completion!
In my first post about the FisherFolk event, I shared the Faroe Islands Fisherman's Sweater class I took with Mary Jane Mucklestone!  Since then I have worked on my swatch ... with Nissa's assistance.  I love knitting outdoors ... and her antics just make it more fun!
After the swatch was finished ... I designed a sweater vest ... and cast on!  All while dreaming about the Faroe Islands!
More outdoor knitting!  Love it when Mother Nature cooperates!  Have you noticed my Harry Potter themed bag?  Sweet Anna, from Skeins in the Stacks fame, gifted me with it!  I was so touched ... she is such a blessing in my life.
The FisherFolk event ended nearly two weeks ago ... but it will influence me and my knitting forever.  I am so grateful to our local yarn shop owner Dotty, she has done so much for our community, and for the knitters who participated in this event.  It was such an honor to teach and an opportunity to learn at a world class knitting event held here in my remote corner of the planet.  Life truly is wonderful!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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