Monday, June 1, 2015

A Week of Fun & Friends!

Our days are long this time of year and we've enjoyed a week of sunshine ...
... it has been lovely!
A friend invited some of us over for an afternoon of card making!  I am a newbie at paper crafting ... but one look at the goodies on the counter and I knew it was going to be fun!
I have received handmade cards from Jackie for years ... each a treasured work of art!
Sharon was modifying a pair of new shoes for a grandson!
Barb had a a new technique to share!
I don't have the terminology for paper crafting down yet, but she used a stencil and some sort of paper plaster.
The results were wonderful!  I was inspired and as I got busy I forgot to take more pictures.  It was so entertaining to watch and participate in their fun!
Sue hosted all this paper fun ... I'm so grateful to have been invited!  She recently finished this embroidery and wool applique' project from a class I taught last fall.  Her work is beautiful and she may no longer refer to herself as a beginner!  We'll be framing them soon!
Adult children aren't only family ... they're friends too!  Brother and Girlfriend came for dinner ... we were celebrating the news that Sister and Boyfriend recently decided to come for a visit later this summer!  It will be wonderful having the entire DillyDally clan at the dinner table!
I spent a lot of time thinking about the friends that are joining me on The DillyDally Trail ... making plans and arrangements for our adventure!  Yee-Haw!  We're only 35 days away from the fun!
Our guild held their monthly sewing event on Sunday ... take a look and be inspired by those who inspire me!  I went with four goals ... layered and pin basted my gingham table runner ...
... same for this table topper ...
... and also pin basted this baby quilt!  They are ready ... now I need to make time to get them done!  No deadlines, but I would love to get the gingham done and put to use!
I was also able to get the final top and bottom border on this top!  All my goals were accomplished while visiting with friends ... lots of giggles and joy in working with our hands!
Saturday evening was so warm that at 10:45 pm I was out knitting on the front deck ... heavenly!
In other news ... Mr. DD and I are doing some major purging and reorganizing!  It feels good to make progress, but it turns the entire house upside down.  It always seems that a big mess is a necessary part of this process!  Ugh!  In true dillydally fashion, I am trying to remain positive and motivated ... but honestly, sometimes it is hard to consider this monumental task dillydallying! ;-) Taking time to have fun with friends helps keep my dillydally spirits up!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally 


  1. Looks like fun!
    Great quilts too, and the Embroidery is beautiful.
    is Flicka helping in the re-organizing? :)

  2. Ilove to see the change in the tides.
    Even tho it looks cloudy, it's lovely.