Monday, March 2, 2015

Join Me on the DillyDally Trail!

Something I've dreamed of for 30+ years ...
I recall as a new quilter in the 80's reading about the Sister's Outdoor Quilt Show in Quilter's Newsletter Magazine.  Something ... that I hoped to do ... someday.
July 2012
That dream became a possibility when Mr. DD and I made an unplanned visit to this amazing quilt store!  While on that visit I made a promise ... you can revisit it here!
Yep ... I created a deadline ... and it is fast approaching!  You may have followed me in January as I worked out many of the details during my Oregon road trip ... it begins here.
 I believe that if you find something good ... you should share it!  So I am inviting QBees, anywhere and everywhere, to join me on The DillyDally Trail!
Sew ... in my mind ... it doesn't make sense to travel all the way to Oregon for a single day event ... so I've turned it into an eight day event!
In true Mrs. DD fashion, we will travel from the coast to eastern Oregon!  We'll hit nationally recognized quilt stores as well as those off the beaten path!
Cowboy Country
Those who have traveled with me know that it won't be just about quilting and how many shops we visit.  I like to see the sites and explore local culture!  Check below the header photo at the top of this site, you'll find two tabs.  The one labeled Itinerary describes where and what we'll be doing each day.
Oregon Coast
The second tab is a registration form.  You can visit the form without having to fill in the information.  Visiting the form will help you understand the costs of the trip.  Completing the form will place you on the contact list.  As further details develop I will be communicating them primarily by email.  Sending the deposit will actually reserve lodging and transportation.

While developing the form this morning, I was consulting with a QBee who will be traveling along on this quilting adventure.  I shared with her how important it is to me that all feel welcome to join in the fun!  If you have any questions or concerns contact me via email at  I would love to see you on the DillyDally Trail!
We will be there!  DillyDally dreams do come true!

Do what you love.  Share your dreams.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally
May this apply to all dillydalliers everywhere!

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  1. It looks like a great, fun adventure.