Monday, January 12, 2015

A DillyDally Diet of Smoked Salmon & Popsicles!

Kysa and I took a misty walk yesterday ...
... a refreshing way to begin a very busy day!
 On the menu agenda ... for the DillyDally menfolk it was smoking some of last summer's salmon harvest.  They began the process Friday night thawing the frozen fillets ... Saturday evening was spent brining the fish.  With all the crazy busyness of summer, it is nice to set aside some fish in the freezer to be smoked later.  And yesterday ... was that day!
After completing her first sewing project (pillow quilt) before Christmas, Girlfriend DillyDally wanted to move forward and bake make a real quilt!  We looked through some of my recipes patterns and chose Terry Atkinson's Popsicle Sticks for her first quilt!  While home for Christmas, she and her mother found the necessary ingredients supplies.  Four Bali Pops ... two of them primarily purple (her favorite color) one green (Brother's favorite color) and one neutral in black, gray and white!  Great choices!
Earlier in the week, we spent an evening beginning the process.  She cut the strips in half and organized them into color families.
Next she mixed assembled them into units of five and three strips.  She is making a queen size quilt, so it took a while ... but then all tasty successful projects do!
Flicka assigned herself as head chef Supervisor.  She had to jump into Girlfriend's project box to make sure everything was in place!  Such a goofball!
Girl Friend keeps getting more comfortable with the sewing machine ... her accuracy is spot on!  She is a quick study!
Flicka kept a close eye on her progress!  So cute!
Meanwhile ... Kysa was the furbaby supervisor when it came to smoking the salmon!
Flicka paid close attention as the pile of strip units grew!
By evening, the fish was done and ready to be vacuum packed!
Two and a half bobbins later, GF had completed all 21 of her five strip sets!
A day filled with accomplishment!  We rewarded ourselves by making pizza!  It was a fun, productive and wonderful DillyDally day!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. Love everything about this post. Great salmon, great fabric and great family time...and the entry picture is breathtaking....