Monday, October 13, 2014

A Perfect Dillydally Day!

The day began with good intentions ... this morning Flicka and I made a list of all that needed to be accomplished.  After two full weeks of substitute teaching, I am far behind in my household and dillydally obligations.
Well ... the rain and clouds moved on ... and I just had to get outdoors!
Can you spot Mr. & Mrs. Eagle in the trees?  They were enjoying the warm sun and beautiful scenery too.
Sheridan glacier ...
... the ice is a striking contrast to the golden foliage.
Of course I brought Kysa and my knitting along.
Alaganak River provides a beautiful view while knitting.
Kysa and I took a very long walk.
She even stopped to enjoy the view today!
There are a few leaves left on the willows ...
... their bright yellow leaves act like specs of glitter in the landscape.  Love that.
Kysa's fur is fluffing up ... preparing for winter.  Love my walking partner!
More yellow and golden goodness.  We walked for over a hour ... soaking in as much as possible!
More knitting while having a snack.
Kysa ... enjoying a doggie treat ... the view ... and the sun.
On the way home ...
we saw Mr. and Mrs. Trumpeter Swan enjoying a family outing with their four cygnets.
Once home ... we took pleasure in the view from the front deck.
Mr. Blue Heron dropped by for a snack.
To end this perfect dillydally day, Mother Nature gifted us with with a gorgeous sunset.
The list that Flicka and I developed this morning?  It is still here ... waiting.  We'll tackle some of it tomorrow ... maybe ... ;-) !

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Beautiful pics, thanks for sharing them.
    Kysa and Flicka are both too cute.

  2. Thank you for the beautiful walk. The colors are just now changing in Ohio and the harvest has begun. The corn field that Gladys always takes a photo of is now picked. I love the pictures of your knitting. Someday I'll tackle something more than dishcloths! I hope you had a wonderful time substituting. I am sure the students miss you!

  3. nice walking along with you and your beautiful dog. what breed is it?