Saturday, August 9, 2014

Textiles ... Then & Now

It is no secret ... I love textiles ... of every kind.
And as we all know ... apples? ... they never fall far from the tree.  As a child, I was surrounded by amazing women who created useful and decorative items for their homes, family and friends.
As good fortune would have it ... I married into a family filled with women of similar values and talent.
Mr. DillyDally is the great grandson of Lars Stavig, a Norwegian emigrant that homesteaded in the northeast corner of South Dakota.  Lars and his children built successful lives ... this home, was owned by one of his sons (would have been Mr. DD's great uncle) and has been turned into a local museum.

Textiles from the Past
The museum is filled with all kinds of treasure, but today I'll share a few of the textiles I found especially inspiring.  Here is a beautiful baptismal gown.
Our tour guide invited me to take a closer look and then asked me how I thought it had been constructed?  It truly is unique ... something I had never seen before ... I answered with trepidation.
My response, "It looks like rick rack that has been crochet into medallions then stitched together."  Whoot!  Whoot!  Our guide said I was the first to answer correctly!  She shared that it is a very unusual technique ... completely new to me ... I would love to know more!
I fell in love with this unusual and very scrappy version of a "bow tie" quilt!
The whole concept of "making do" just makes my heart sing!
Such skill ... this beautiful edging on a linen dresser scarf ... so inspiring.
O ... how I wish this machine could share the treasures that it created!
This machine was used by the women who lived in this house.  I love how they created an attached pin cushion and rigged up an electric light source for a treadle machine!
This glimpse into the lives they lived ... textiles had such a practical purpose ... and yet they used textiles to express themselves artistically.  I find such inspiration and encouragement from the textile work of the women who came before us.  I am humbled by their accomplishments.

Textiles from the Recent Past
I, personally love the practical side of textiles ... this is a pair of mittens I designed and knit for my father-in-law over ten years ago.  They were meant to be worn and used ... but he kept them.  I certainly don't consider them a treasure, but am touched that he did.  :-)  I will see that Mr. DD puts them to good use!

Current Textile Projects 
I was able to visit one quilt store during our brief trip ... Rae-Bon Sewing Center in Fargo, North Dakota.  My first visit to this shop ... a wonderful place!  I chose fabrics for our guild's upcoming class with Jill Finley!
I also made a bit of progress on my current mitten design while in South Dakota.  I'm about two-thirds of the way done on the second mitten!

Future Textile Fun!
My primary textile mission was accomplished ... Frozen costume patterns in every size!

Many of you know that Sister DillyDally is the original Princess ... someday I just might have granddaughters ... and they will need to have Princess Elsa dresses!

Do what you love.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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