Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Between having only two weeks of school left and my retirement approaching … there isn't much dillydallying going on … only dabbles here and there.
Saturday morning was beautiful … I spent the morning with my coffee … attempting to recover from Prom … late nights wear me out!  ;-)
Our local nursery opened on Saturday … love it … it means spring truly has arrived!  I celebrate every Mother's Day here … getting plants for my containers!
On Sunday, I celebrated Mother's Day by allowing myself some time to dillydally!  Yep … I am still exploring with my crochet hook!
I came up with a plan for the medallions … will keep you posted!  Mr. DD spoiled me with my favorite breakfast and later that evening Brother and Girlfriend joined us for dinner.  We were celebrating Mr.  DD's birthday as well!
Green is finally beginning to arrive … trees and bushes are supporting new buds … they usually leaf out the third week of May!  We're almost there!
Wild flowers are beginning to bloom too!
Today we enjoyed our first campfire of the season!  Many hotdogs were roasted and consumed by students we took on a field trip!
Sun, sand and fun!  What a wonderful way to dabble!

Do what you love.  Dabble.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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