Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hangin' With Some Peeps!

Peeps are such fun!  They're too sweet for me to eat ... but every Easter when they arrive on the shelves ... they just make me smile!  And I love seeing the multiple ways people have used them!  This floral arrangement just oozes with happiness!
Here in Cordova, I don't have access to the supplies I would need to make many of the ideas I come across ... so I make do with what I have.  Last year I made three peeps from wool felt ... decided to add a few to the family.
Flicka found herding peeps to be exhausting!
And then there were four peeps ... we corralled them in a bowl ... giving our shepherd kitty a break from her duties!
Flicka took particular interest in the fifth peep!
She checked to see if they were edible ... or at least good to chew on!  Fortunately for the peep, wool obviously doesn't taste good ... she spit it out very quickly!  Too silly!
After deciding that peeps have no taste ... nor do they play well ... she was happy to return to her herding responsibilities!  Yep ... more napping was involved!
And ... then there were five peeps!
It was nearly a year ago that Flicka adopted the DillyDally family!
We've had many adventures in the sewing room ... lots of nonfunsense ... and how my little wing nut has grown!  Yep ... she is my favorite peep!
Do what you love!  Hang with your peeps! Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Oh, your Peeps are too cute!
    I love reading your blog and looking at all of the beautiful sewing you do, and like reading about your quilting adventures.
    Flicka is too cute also. :)

  2. I'm with you, the marshmallow peeps just make me smile. I haven't eaten one in years!! They are not on my food list anymore :)
    I have fallen in love with the wool peeps too! They are so cute sitting in the bowl and the picture of Flicka trying to eat one is precious.
    It has been fun watching Flicka grow and keeping up with all her adventures is always a highlight of your posts!!!
    Happy Easter :)