Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's Sleep On It!

Flicka and I have been spending our time this week working away on our log cabin blocks!
Over New Years, while Mr. DillyDally was enjoying his football festival in the living room ... we decided to hold a Bing Crosby film festival in the sewing room!  Knowing how to entertain one's self is an important part of the dillydally lifestyle! ;-) Flicka and I are champs at entertaining ourselves!
  Flicka and I made great progress while we sang and danced along with Bing!
Flicka continues to test the "nine lives" concept!  What a fruit loop!  Yep ... being a fruit loop is an important part of the dillydally lifestyle! ;-)
Before we knew it ... all 48 blocks were done!
It was my intent to arrange the blocks in the "Furrows" pattern. 
Barn Raising Layout
I find it difficult to leave things alone ... ;-) ... and wanted to see the blocks from different perspectives.
 I decided to play around with a couple of layout options ... of course! 
Am not sure what this layout is called ... but it was time to STOP!
UGH!  I would have had the blocks pieced together had I left well enough alone!  I want to have this top pieced before I go back to work on Monday ... so I cannot put it off too long!

 Flicka suggested we sleep on it!  Smart kitty!
Do what you love.  Listen to your kitty.  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. I love your little Flicka! I want a sewing room companion kitty.