Sunday, October 7, 2012

Working on a New Beading!

In August, I spent the most wonderful day...
... with these lovely women, The Sassy Stitchers.  They abducted me and we shared the most marvelous time together!  You can read more about it here.  Today, my mind lingered on that day and the new friends I made. In this photo they are standing in front of Fourth & Main Fabrics in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.
This shop is amazing in every way!  I love their "Six Pack" concept.  You choose a pack of six coordinating fabrics and then a pattern to use with them!

I visited this shop for the first time last year with the AK QBees and this quilt top is the result of the "Six Pack" I bought in 2011.  I picked up another pack on this visit ... stay tuned! ;-)
I love the way they have their fabrics displayed!  Yep ... I wish I could just move in and have access to it all!
You guessed it ... I came home with this pattern!  Samples are sew inspiring!
Yep ... I just want it all!  Everything in this shop is inspiring!

 This is the sample that completely stole my heart!  It is called Urban Beads!  The company is Sew Kind of Wonderful designed by Jenny Pedigo.   There were only two speciality rulers and patterns remaining ... one of the Sassy Stitchers and I left with them! ;-)
Today our guild had an Open Sew Event and I pulled out the pattern and ruler.  Of course, I have other things in progress ... but the large counter in the Home Ec room is perfect for cutting out a large quilt!  I couldn't help myself!
I collected neutral batiks during my travels this summer ... yep, fifty fat quarters for the bead units ... and a black print for the background.
I got half of the units cut today ... I couldn't stand it any longer and had to piece a couple of beads!  I'm sew happy with the results!  Love this form of beading!

This quilt has no deadlines ... I just want it cut out and ready to go ... that way I can piece a bead now and then!  I love having a project that I am making only because I want to!  And beginning a new PhD always feels great!  This PhD comes with a bonus feature ... every time I work on it, the kindness and generosity of these terrific women will be in my thoughts!  How wonderful is that?  Have I mentioned lately ... I sure love my dillydally life!   ;-)
Do what you love! Celebrate your PhDs! Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally

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  1. I really like the "six pack" concept and have never seen that in a shop before. It helps me to buy fabrics that are already coordinated. I'll be looking forward to watching your progress on the Urban Beads. I agree that we need projects to do "just because" we want to. Thanks for sharing your DillyDally lifestyle. It always inspires me!