Sunday, September 30, 2012

Those Vexing Hexies!

Pic from Google Images

I have always been in love with and drawn to the hexagon quilt pattern called Grandmother's Flower Garden.  I dream of inheriting one ... unfortunately ... that is very unlikely.
Pic from Google Images
I hunt for them when visiting antique stores, flea markets and yard sales.  I just know in my heart that one of these treasures must be in my future.  Well ... that hunt has been in progress now for thirty years ... unfortunately ... finding one is also unlikely.
When Bonnie Hunter was here a year ago ... she brought along her Hexie quilt.  It is stunning ... heart stopping actually.  She has been working away on it for years ... and travels with her hexies.  She finds them easy to work on while in airports, on planes, actually everywhere!
While here, Bonnie gave us a "mini lesson" on creating and piecing hexies together.  It was so inspiring!  
QBee Sara was bitten by the hexie bug!  We all fell in love with her first hexie project and bid it up very high at our annual guild auction.
About a month ago, Sara shared her hexie skills and taught a class at the Cordova Quilters' Hideout!
I didn't want to turn mine into a potholder, and instead hand appliqued it to a background.  My original intent was to use the fabric in the center as the background, but it was too busy and my hexies were lost.  So I just grabbed this background from my stash.  ;-)  It's the dillydally way!
I decided to hand quilt it using 12 wt thread ... it is somewhat thinner than pearl cotton yet heavier than traditional quilting thread.  Many people have been using it as a replacement for 2 strands of floss in their embroidery.  I bought some this summer ... this was the perfect project to try it out on!  
Of course my "Snoopervisor" had to be involved ... too fun!
She is sew much fun.  When I say, "no-no-no" in a soft but stern voice ... she backs and sits like this and tucks those naughty front paws under!  It is sew stinkin" cute ... I can hardly stand it!  She is still a kitten, and her curiosity often prevents her from using her manners ... but for the most part she is very cooperative and wants to please me.  I am sew happy she adopted us!
Next up ... the binding!  I like to use a single fold binding on table mats.  Because it is a circle shape ( I used a large mixing bowl), the binding had to be cut on the bias.
The machine step ... check.
Hand stitching ... check!  My first hexie project is done!  The center fabric no longer fits in ... so will be sure to use a candle holder that will cover it!  ;-) 

Sew ... what did I learn about hexies.  Let's see.  The english paper piecing method was enjoyable.  I think I would like working with smaller hexies.  Can I make enough to create a quilt of any size?  Maybe ... but it sure feels overwhelming.  Guess I'll see where the dillydally winds take me.  One thing I know for sure ... I won't be making any hexie evening gowns!   ;-)

Do what you love.  Try hexies...they're vexing!  Do dillydally!
Mrs. DillyDally


  1. Love your hexie candle mat! I started a grandmother's flower garden quilt a couple of years back. I now have 68 of 96 'flowers' finished! The end is in sight...and then it will be time for another one! They are terribly addictive :-D but these are the best kinds of addictions.

  2. The fabric you selected is perfect for fall. You did a great job! What a great project.

  3. I have a hexie quilt started....that's all I can say!