Friday, November 18, 2011

My Front Yard

I have lived in my very small and modest home for 25 years.
My home is only 1500 square feet, has one bathroom ... and is on pilings.
These pictures were all taken from my front deck.
I never tire of the view ... it is my front yard.
And...this view is the reason we tolerate all the inconveniences of our house.
I love sharing my front yard.  You can imagine the thrill I felt...
...when Bonnie Hunter based the color palette for her new mystery on the sunset we experienced when she was here for dinner!
Step one can be found here!
We are all so excited here in this remote corner of the planet!  Bonnie named her annual mystery design after her visit here.  What an honor for Cordova quilters!

Bonnie has such incredible talent ... and she generously shares it with quilters all over the world.  But it is her generous heart that is most impressive.

Hope many of you will dillydally along with us on this mystery!  I am not a competitive quilter ... I don't pressure myself to keep up each week ... I don't mind getting the next step before I finish the last one ... and I don't mind when the mystery is revealed before I've gotten there.  However, I do savor the journey!

Enjoy your front yard ... do dillydally!

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