Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Great DillyDally Weekend!

My knee did Mother Nature... was a great weekend here in my remote corner of the planet!
I love pansies ... they are such happy and hearty flowers ... my friend QBee Diane loves pansies too!  I fell in love with this fabric when it came out years (too many to count) ago. ;-)  I bought 10 yards of it then ... used it multiple times over the years ... after this weekend, I have only a 1/2 yard left.  And you know ... I love this fabric just as much today as I did when I first purchased it!
I brought the fabric out of storage because Diane had a birthday this weekend, and I used it to make her gift.  In the summer of 2010, she traveled to Minnesota while I was visiting there and we created a little shop hop of our own!  She was with me on my first visit to Country Fabrics & Quilting in Brainerd.  You can read about our visit here.  While there again this year, I came across this pattern ... they had samples every where in the store ... it looked very useful ... not  to mention fun ... and one of the women working there explained that it was also a good way to use those random mugs that seem to accumulate in our homes.  Win/win in every way, don't you think?
Of course, I had to make her a thread catcher as well!  All the QBees have gotten one so far this year! ;-)
Both items should serve her well at our local retreats.  Yep ... I think these little tool kits are my new favorite gift to give QBees!  We were talking today about how they remind us of those tool aprons our husbands use with 5 gallon buckets.
We got together this afternoon to celebrate Diane's (second from left) big day!  Two QBees were out of town so it was the five of us.  I mention the number in attendance, because look at all the food we created ... ;-) ... for only five!  It just makes me giggle ... we sure know how to feed ourselves.  It was a feast that we washed down with hot mulled cider!
It felt so good to be back in the sewing room ... her majesty was very happy to be put to use again!  I even made some progress on my wool applique wall hanging.  When my hands are busy ... and I'm cocooned in my tiny little creative space ... all things feel right with the world.  Yep ... it is a healing experience!
I want to thank everyone again for the many gestures and comments of kindness over the past weeks.  I am overwhelmed and touched by your thoughtfulness.  When I began blogging, I never imagined what a blessing it would be ... I am grateful.

Do what you love ... do dillydally!

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  1. Ok, we're dying to know what the food is with the white frosting??? and the big pie/pizza to the right??? Glad your knee is better, we were worried. Mary Ellen and Randi