Friday, April 9, 2010

The Montana Cartwheel has started turning!

Peggy Gelbrich arrived today and we began our Montana Cartwheel quilts.  I had assumed that she would teach us little tips and tricks that would somewhat simplify this pattern...but she taught us a technique that makes this quilt easy!  Yes...I said easy!  Paper piecing will never look the same to me again.

This is a picture of her sharing the technique with is difficult to have to see it to believe it.  This technique alone is worth the class!  Amazing!

Peggy herself is a delight to be around!  Patient and thoughtful in her teaching...a nice sense of humor...and she is extremely personable.  She seems to enjoy our quirky personalities! ;-)

Here are pictures of those who attended class tonight...more will be joining us tomorrow...

We are having so much fun...and to think we're just getting started!  

Yes...that is my cat, Teacup...and yes...she is in attendance at the quilt class.  Don't ask me why, but she followed me there (I live across the street from school) and insisted on coming in.  After getting set up, I put her out...she came back in when someone else came through the door...and made herself comfortable in the middle of the classroom floor.  I guess she thought it was her responsibility to supervise us!  Eventually I put her back outside and she howled to get back in.  Finally, Mr. DillyDally had to come and get her!  It was too darn cute.  She usually sits with me while I'm sewing at home, but this is the first time she insisted on attending a quilting class!  Teacup turns 16 next week...I guess she has decided that at her age she can go to quilting if she wants!
Sorry, but I just cannot end this post without another scenic picture from my front deck.  This one was taken early in the morning on Wednesday...

I will take more pictures at the retreat tomorrow as we make progress on our blocks and others join us!  Spring Retreat is dillydally heaven for me...I hope you make time to dillydally this weekend as well!

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