Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Knitting...mission accomplished!

As many of you know, I spent most of December busy knitting projects that were Christmas gifts...yes...that is why Her Majesty was neglected...every spare minute was spent with my knitting needles...the pressure was on!

What is it you ask?  Is it some sort of knitted ameba?  Perhaps...I'm not sure what they're called...Sister DillyDally had one she had purchased and suggested that I knit one.  So I did!  It is like a circular scarf...that can be wrapped around the neck multiple times or can be worn around the shoulders like a shawl.  She liked the one she purchased...never had to deal with the ends falling like a traditional scarf...but she knew a hand knit one with quality luxury yarn would be better...needless to wasn't necessary for her to twist my arm!

I took measurements off her purchased one, and factored in the alterations she suggested.  The yarn is called "Showstopper" from Ironstone Yarns (could not find a webpage) in New Mexico.  It is actually three separate yarns balled up together...ivory colored Paris Nights, mohair and a gold/iridescent eyelash.  I used a size 15 circular needle and knit it in the round.  The picture doesn't do it justice...I was really pleased with the way it came out...great collaboration between the DillyDally women!  ;-)

This is a Christmas stocking that I designed for the child of a friend of mine.  I have been designing and knitting Nordic themed Christmas stockings for several years now and find it very rewarding.  Nordic knitting is really my favorite type of knitting.  I had knit Hayden's parents stockings as a wedding the new member of the family needed one as well!  Of course I used Norwegian yarn...Dale's sport weight, Heilo...100% wool...a dream to use in color pattern knitting!

My third and fourth projects were this hat and scarf set for Brother DillyDally!  Doesn't he look collegiate?  These were knit in his college colors...or...if he didn't want to own up to that...he could always say they were Gryffindor!  Speaking of which...he and I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince yesterday...we were both very impressed with the Gryffindor Quidditch sweaters Harry's team wore...hmmmm...I'm tempted...yes, I dream of being Mrs. Weasley.  Back to the hat and scarf...they were knit with Frog Tree's 100% alpaca, sport weight.  The scarf is a K1P1 rib and the hat in a K2P2 rib.  Both the norwegian yarn and alpaca was purchased at our local yarn shop, The Net Loft.  It is easy to be inspired when you have a yarn shop of their quality in your front yard...they are a blessing in our little corner of this planet!

It always feels so good to finish up projects...but it is heaven to see those you cherish using what you lovingly made...gosh...dillydallying sure is good for our self-esteem...we all need to do more of it...later! ;-)

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